Inside the Circle (2021) Movie Review ‘Romantic Comedy 101’

Inside the Circle – Romantic Comedy 101


Director: Javier Colon Rios

Writer: Omar Mora (Screenplay)

Starring: Omar Mora, Justin Lee, Stefy Garcia, Valeria Gonzalez

Plot: Inside the Circle is a quirky romantic dramedy that tells the story of a girl who believes in relationships and marriage, and who falls for a comic book and superhero-loving man who does not share her same beliefs.

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Inside the Circle starts as we meet Rocio (Garcia) who believes in relationships, wanting to get married and to have children, who meets Giancarlo (Mora) who has a very different view on finding love, believing it will happen one day, but for now, he is doing the things he loves in life.

The pair don’t seem like a good match, but sparks fly between the two, as we follow their relationship through the time together, leaving to the conversation about what love is truly about.

Thoughts on Inside the Circle

ThoughtsInside the Circle brings us a romantic comedy that will see two people who have different points of view on love that meet and fall in love, with their own differences becoming the biggest stumbling block on whether they can make their relationship work in the long term. This is the type of romantic comedy, that wants to put the focus on people getting caught up in one mindset on love, that aren’t open to finding more from their lives. This doesn’t seem to offer much more to anything that we have seen before, but also isn’t something that is done in a bad way, we can see where this story is going to go from an early stage. The performances are strong, with Omar Mora and Stefy Garcia show a strong chemistry in the film, but sadly, like most of the strongest rom coms, we don’t get much from the best friend characters, they often have one or two scenes, instead of a lot like we would be used to seeing.

Final Thoughts Inside the Circle is everything you expect in a romantic comedy.

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