Hammer (2019) Movie Review

Director: Christian Sparkes

Writer: Christian Sparkes (Screenplay) Joel Thomas Hynes (Story)

Starring: Will Patton, Mark O’Brien, Ben Cotton, Vickie Papavs, Connor Price, Dayle McLeod, Curtis Caravaggio

Plot: A father faces a personal crisis when he discovers his estranged son fleeing a botched drug deal. The two men embark on a violent odyssey that grapples with themes of fatherhood, family and fate.

Runtime: 1 Hour 22 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Hammer starts when drug dealer Chris (O’Brien) looks to work with his younger brother Jeremy (Price) to get one over a drug dealer Adams (Cotton) leading to everything going wrong and Chris’s father Stephen (Patton) reluctantly looking to help him fix it, finding out just how much trouble Chris has gotten himself in, with the idea of trying to fix their broken relationship, however difficult it will turn out to be.

Thoughts on Hammer

ThoughtsHammer is a slow movie thriller that will see a broken family needing to put the pieces back together to solve a problem which could see them getting more than bargained for, showing a parent will always protect their son. This is a thriller that isn’t as engaging as it wants to be, with a lot of shouting a screaming, without much storytelling going on, it is mostly driving to a certain location, have an argument, before going to the next and the same happening. The performances are solid enough, it just ends up feeling flat overall.

Final Thoughts Hammer is a flat thriller with next to nothing going on through the film.

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