Midnight Mass – Episode Two – Book II: Psalms – Review ‘More Building’

Midnight Mass – Episode Two – Book II: Psalms – More Building


Director: Mike Flanagan
Starring: Zach Gilford, Henry Thomas, Annabeth Gish, Kate Siegel, Hamish Linktater, Michael Trucco, Rahul Kohli, Kristin Lehman

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Midnight Mass, Episode Two, Book II: Psalms starts with the discovery of hundreds of dead cats on the shore after the storm hit, with Sheriff Hassan (Kohli) looking to discovery what might have caused this incident.

Father Paul is continuing to meet the residents of the island, looking to understand why some don’t attend the weekly ceremony, looking to make his own impact on the island, while Riley continues to open up to his old flame Erin.

Thoughts on Midnight Mass, Episode Two, Book II: Psalms

ThoughtsMidnight Mass, Episode Two, Book II: Psalms might well start with the shock moment, but quickly falls back into more character building, the rebuilding of friendship between Riley and Erin, as they both look back on what happened between them. Father Paul trying to make a bigger impact on the island, meeting and pushing more people with his unusual methods and the investigation about the animal deaths on the island, which sadly, seems like it gets pushed to the back on the story. We do get the moments of horror, with the continuing appearance of the mysterious figure in the shadows, with most always being glimpses, rather than giving us any threat to what is happening or it wants. This episode does feel like not much happens for the bigger picture, leaving a flatter feeling than the last one.

Star of the EpisodeFather Paul – being the newest member of the island, he starts to look to understand more of the residents, which will see him push people with his technique, with certain ones not always coming off as friendly as they seem.

Best Part of the EpisodeThe Body of Christ.

Final Thoughts Midnight Mass, Episode Two, Book II: Psalms continues to focus on character development, over the horrors which we are waiting for, with glimpses of what is to come.

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