The East – Release News

Blue Finch Film Releasing presents The East on Digital Download 4 October

1946 – the aftermath of World War II. The Dutch East Indies colony has declared its independence and the Dutch government wants to suppress this fight for freedom as quickly as possible. One hundred thousand young soldiers are sent from the Netherlands to fight yet another war…  

Freshman Year – Release News

Freshman Year will be released digitally on Friday 1st October

Lonely college freshman Alex has closed himself off from his peers, who all appear to have this whole “college thing” figured out. But everything changes one night when Alex takes a leap and attends a party at Shithouse – a legendary party fraternity – where he forges a strong connection with Maggie. The next day, she ignores him completely and seems to have forgotten about their amazing night. Desperately clinging to his social breakthrough, Alex pulls out all the stops with one more party, hoping to rekindle that moment of connection.

North Hollywood – Release News

North Hollywood will be available for digital download from 11th October

18-year-old Michael (Ryder McLaughlin – Mid 90s) is forced to choose between the path his father (Vince Vaughn) wants for him and his dream of becoming a professional skateboarder. His friends encourage him to stray from the status quo but when he becomes involved with long time crush Rachel, (Miranda Cosgrove – iCarly) he begins to doubt his choices.

The Survivalist – Release News

Signature Entertainment presents The Survivalist on Digital Platforms 11th October

A year and a half after the fall of civilisation, a former FBI agent is forced to protect the one person who could bring humanity back from the brink. With a bloodthirsty gang hot on their trail, the future looks bleak. They can keep moving or stand and fight, either way; there will be blood. Starring Jonathan Reese Meyers (Vikings), John Malkovich (Con Air)and Jenna Leigh Green (Skin), The Survivalist was directed by Jon Keeyes (The Harrowing) and written by Matthew Rogers.

A Brixton Tale (2021) Movie Review ‘An Impactful Drama’

A Brixton Tale – Impactful Drama


Director: Darragh Carey, Bertrand Destochers

Writer: Rupert Baynham, Darragh Carey, Chi Mai (Screenplay)

Starring: Lily Newmark, Ola Orebiyi, Michael Maloney, Barney Harris, Jaime Winstone, Lee Nicholas Harris

Plot: Wealthy YouTuber Leah chooses shy youth Benji as the subject of her Brixton documentary. They fall for each other, but the desire for edgy footage leads them down a violent path.

Tagline – No Such Thing as a True Story

Runtime: 1 Hour 16 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: A Brixton Tale starts as we meet YouTuber Leah (Newmark), as she explores London looking for the latest project. This will lead her to Brixton, where she starts filming a shy youth Benji (Orebiyi), where the two start to get along, as she starts to experience the life of the youths in the area, while she has come from the wealthy background.

As Leah and Benji start getting romantically involved, Benji gets to show the more positive side to him, breaking away from the stereotype that Leah looked to be filming, while she must put her own artistic dreams on the line for this new relationship.

Thoughts on A Brixton Tale

Characters & Performances – Leah is the wealthy Youtuber who looks to create a different range of content, showing the life in different neighbourhoods, with her latest project being around Brixton. She keeps her camera on her at all times, as she is welcomed into the group by Benji, getting closer to see how the gangs operate, learning that reputation is misleading to the people involved. Benji is the shy youth from one of the Brixton estates, he is drawn into the criminal world because of where he lives, he gets to show a different side to him around Leah, as well as his friendship side supporting a friend in need. Lily Newmark and Ola Orebiyi are both brilliant in their performances, showing the rawness behind the performance of the characters in a packed set of stories in Brixton. When it comes to the supporting characters, we get to see the people that will put pressure on the two leads to go against making the changes in their lives.

StoryThe story here follows a wealthy Youtuber who starts following a shy youth around Brixton, learning about the gang mentality, while slowly starting to fall in love with him, showing her need to learn to put a divide between life and work, with the young man, showing a side people wouldn’t normally see looking at the area he was raised. This is an important drama that will highlight the importance of not judging everyone by a reputation, showing us that people can want more, but they are pressured into things they don’t feel comfortable doing. The story does give us plenty to look at, when it comes to people’s behaviour, showing how trapped people might well become within the neighbourhoods, with the right person to guide them, they might be able to break free.

ThemesA Brixton Tale uses the Brixton backdrop to show us the different encounters the two will have, be it from rival gangs, authority figures, or even friends judging them. The romance comes from showing two people from different worlds coming together in a way most people around them wouldn’t expect, even questioning what they are doing.

Final Thoughts A Brixton Tale is a great reflection of the life people imagine Brixton locals to have, showing the truth that reputation will haunt people.