When the Screaming Starts (2021) Movie Review ‘Stone Cold Dead Pan Humour’

When the Screaming Starts – Stone Cold Dead Pan Humour

Director: Conor Boru

Writer: Conor Boru, Ed Hartland (Screenplay)

Starring: Ed Hartland, Jared Rogers, Ronja Haugholt, Katharine Bennett-Fox, Var Haugholt, Jared Rogers, Octavia Gilmore, Yasen Atour

Plot: When Norman Graysmith is invited into the home of an aspiring serial killer, Aidan Mendle, he believes he has the subject for the documentary that will make his career.

Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: When the Screaming Starts, starts as we meet Norman (Rogers) who is looking to make a documentary about an aspiring serial killer Aidan Mendle (Hartland) and his girlfriend Claire (Reynell).

Deciding he wants to start a family, Aidan and Claire look to recruit other aspiring serial killers including Jack (Atour), Masoud (Niku) Amy (Gilmore) and twins Veronika and Viktoria (Haugholt). As the family is looking to start a killing rampage, it becomes clear Aidan isn’t ready for this world.

Thoughts on When the Screaming Starts

Characters & Performances – Norman is the documentary filmmaker that is looking to try and make an impact in the industry by recording a serial killer in action. He is enjoying seeing the minds meet, which will drive him to make something happen. Jared Rogers does give us an ambitious figure that is filled with nervous side of failing to make an impact. Aidan Mendle is the aspiring serial killer that has been planning on becoming one, wanting to have his own family to commit the crimes, he isn’t prepared for what is coming, with most of his ideas in his head. Ed Hartland does give is the brooding loner figure, someone who wants to be important in the world character with all the strengths and weaknesses around it. When it comes to the other potential serial killers, Amy is the standout for creepy demanding figure, that seems like she has been preparing for this for years. Claire might be the most interesting of all the characters, with her quirky photo taking, which always makes her seem distant, buy the character you are drawn to see if they are doing anything. Masoud and Jack get into banter, despite not coming off like the serial killer types, while the Twins have their own style which seems like they are enjoying themselves. The supporting cast do get their moments to shine in the film too.

StoryThe story here follows a documentary filmmaker that is looking to make his latest project on an aspiring serial killer, as he looks to follow him around, as he looks to make his impact on the world. Over the years we have seen the documentary filmmakers getting invited into the worlds of horror figures, be it ‘What we Do in the Shadows’ for vampires, or more recently ‘Creep’, we have a story that takes on the same tonal ideas of those movies, where they don’t go for the full serious approach, rather more of the tongue-in-cheek approach. The story will offer up a clever idea, one that will see plenty of different figure matching together, not always perfectly, until they get their moment to shine. This will offer up a different dynamic, but does feel like it is only scratching the surfaces of the potential within this world.

ThemesWhen the Screaming Starts is a comedy horror shot in documentary format following a journalist looking to make a story out of a potential serial killer. Most of the film is played out in the humorous stylings which works because of the character’s actions, even if the blood and gore side of the film does come off lightweight despite having one moment that will truly standout.

When The Screaming Starts will have its World Premiere at FrightFest 2021 on 28th August. Tickets can be bought Here

Final Thoughts When the Screaming Starts is a great deadpan horror comedy that could compete with the best with ease.

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