Swimming for Gold (2020) Movie Review

Director: Hayley MacFarlane

Writer: Eric Bergemann (Screenplay)

Starring: Peyton List, Martin Dingle Wall, Daniel Needs, Ray Chong Nee, Lauren Esposito, Alexa Curtis. Olivia Nardini

Plot: A US women’s swim team Olympic hopeful suffers an injury that forces her to put aside her dreams and help the Australian men’s swim team get competition ready.

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Swimming for Gold starts when disgraced US women’s swimming Olympic hopeful Claire Carpenter (List) gets given a chance to redeem herself as a coach for an Australian boys team, on the same campus as her biggest rival Mikayla (Esposito).

After a bumpy start with her social media fame, Claire starts t o adapt to what is needed to coach the team with the captain Liam Henderson (Needs) wanting to put everything back on track.

Thoughts on Swimming for Gold

ThoughtsSwimming for Gold is a sports drama about a former starlet needing a chance to redeem herself, as she becomes a coach for a struggling team looking to achieve national success. The film will go through the typical themes you expect to see with first not fitting in, as well as showing the pressure put upon young competitors looking to make an impact in the sporting world. It will highlight the importance of being part of a team, enjoying the sport first before letting it become the controlling factor of life. The performances in the film are all strong with each actor needing to take on a serious moment that will highlight the problems they are dealing with. You will find yourself knowing where this one will go, because it is a feel good family film.

Final Thoughts Swimming for Gold is a fun family film filled with the desire for gold.

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