Demonic (2021) Movie Review

Demonic – Visually Challenging


Director: Neill Blomkamp

Writer: Neill Blomkamp (Screenplay)

Starring: Nathalie Boltt, Chris William Martin, Terry Chen, Carly Pope, Michael J Rogers

Plot: A young woman unleashes terrifying demons when supernatural forces at the root of a decades-old rift between mother and daughter are ruthlessly revealed.

Tagline – It’s Not a Dream, It’s Not Reality

Runtime: 1 Hour 44 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Demonic starts when Carly (Pope) gets asked to visit her mother Angela (Boltt) in a specialist hospital where after her own incident, finds herself in a coma. To communicate with her mother, Carly must go into a virtual reality simulator to hold a conversation with her mother, opening up wounds from her past, while exposing the truth about what happened to her mother.

After going into the simulation, Carly starts to experience living nightmares from what her mother was in, with her old friend Martin (Martin) filling in more blanks, leading to Carly’s life to take a new nightmarish spin.

Thoughts on Demonic

Characters & Performances – Carly is a young woman that has had a traumatising past, she gets a chance to confront her mother who led to most of the trauma in a virtual simulator, as she is in a coma. Letting everything off her chest, Carly finds herself dealing with the nightmares from the world, not knowing what is or isn’t real anymore. Carly Pope is the strongest performer in this film, going through the complete range of emotions, as we look at her relationship with her mother. When it comes to the supporting cast we get the friends Samantha and Martin, the mother with the mysterious violent past and the doctors running the simulation. The performances are all solid, without anyone being bad, but nobody making a major impact.

StoryThe story here follows a young woman who gets to enter into an experiment simulator to confront her mother from her traumatic past. This story is an interesting concept of travelling into the past in search for answers to a moment in life somebody thought was filled with horror. The story will give Carly the walk through her past, which will take us into the world that is unexpected, which does go through the typical discovery routes we have seen before, leading to a battle we have against the evil that has been unleashed. When it comes to how the story ends up unfolding, it doesn’t end up offering anything we haven’t seen before.

ThemesDemonic is a horror movie from Neil Blomkamp that will dive into a demonic evil that is looking to be released upon the world, the special effects in the film are great, showing us the virtual simulator and the creature that gets created, which does have a unique approach to how we see the appearance.

Signature Entertainment’s Demonic opens FrightFest 26th August and is at UK Cinemas, Premium Digital 27th August and Blu-ray & DVD 25th October

Final Thoughts Demonic is a visually challenging horror, that brings a different approach to bring the shocks.

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