ABC Film Challenge – Sports – Z – Hidalgo (2004) Movie Review

This is under Z because of actress Zuleikha Robinson.

Director: Joe Johnson

Writer: John Fusco (Screenplay)

Starring: Viggo Mortensen, Zuleikha Robinson, Omar Sharif, Louise Lombard, Adam Alexi-Malle, Said Taghmaoui

Plot: In 1890, a down-and-out cowboy and his horse travel to Arabia to compete in a deadly cross desert horse race.

Tagline – Experience the incredible true story of a man who left behind the world he knew, and found the courage to do the impossible 

Runtime: 2 Hours 16 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Hidalgo starts when a famous down on his luck cowboy Frank Hopkins (Mortensen) and his horse Hidalgo a mustang has a reputation for winning long distance races through America. When Sheikh Riyadh (Sharif) learns of the name he has given his horse, he invites him to Arabia to race in a deadly cross desert horse race.

With the race underway Frank finds himself targeted by the locals, but he ends up getting involved with the biggest adventure of his life, building a connection with Sheikh and making history.

Thoughts on Hidalgo

ThoughtsHidalgo is an action-adventure movie that will see led his horse in one of the most dangerous races in the world to claim the title of greatest long distance racehorse on the planet. This will see a cowboy needing to come up against the odds as he uses his past to try and find victory, while building bridges with the locals who only see him as an outsider. While the core of the film is about the race, the journey and interactions will only make this a more engaging story. The performance from Viggo Mortensen is wonderful to watch, with him going against the odds to survive, with his relationship with the horse in the film coming off natural throughout.

Final Thoughts Hidalgo is a brilliant story about an adventure that will put racing on another level.

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