Rise of the Footsoldiers Origins (2021) Movie Review ‘The Violent Beginning’

Rise of the Footsoldier Origins – The Violent Beginning


Director: Nick Nevern

Writer: Andrew Loveday, Nick Nevern (Screenplay)

Starring: Vinnie Jones, Craig Fairbrass, Ketih Allen, Terry Stone, Bronson Webb, Michelle Collins, Jessie Vinning, Billy Murray, Roland Manookian

Plot: The origin story of how Tucker, Rolfie, and Pat Tate unite to form their own firm.

Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Rise of the Footsoldier Origins starts as we see Tony Tucker (Stone) return from the Falklands War with his friends, who offer to do the right thing leading to them getting jobs as doormen at the local rough night club.

When the rival club hires Bernard O’Mahoney (Jones), he offers Tony and his boys a role in the latest club, one dealing with the football hooligans, leading to a new heated rivalry with Pat Tate (Fairbrass) the local drug lord. This will show how Tony got into the group with Craig Rolfe (Manookian), leading to one of the biggest firms in the area.

Thoughts on Rise of the Footsoldier Origins

Characters & Performances – Tony Tucker is the former soldier that finds himself getting hired as a doorman for a local nightclub, knowing how to increase business and keep the problems out of the club. His reputation leads him to getting another gig, which will see him entering into the dangerous path of drug abuse, dealing being part of the biggest firm in the area. Pat Tate is the leader of the local firm, he sends out his men to conduct his business, but he will be open to hearing new ideas, he will eliminate anyone who lets him down, giving him the reputation. Craig is a local drug dealer, that has seen himself getting into trouble, with his plan to steal the drugs off dealers, but wasting large amounts on himself. Bernard O’Mahoney is the tough as nails bouncer, he will get violent with anyone who causes trouble, he doesn’t get involved in the drug side of the affairs, being fair to anyone who causes trouble. We do get a couple of the franchises favourites Craig Fairbrass, Terry Stone and Roland Manookian return of the story of how their characters met, we get all the tough guy performances here, as well as newcomer to the series Vinnie Jones, who we all know as the tough guy around town.

StoryThe story here follows the events which led to three members of the toughest firm in London come together through their connections in a night club, seeing how Tony went from mild-mannered former soldier to one of the leaders in the firm. This is more of an introduction to some of the biggest characters from the original story, certain stories will undoubtable be part of what is learnt in the earlier films, while the mistakes that have driven character choices are made here. This is a nice origin story giving us a look at the ultra-violent group before they are completely involved, even if certain chapters which seem important are skimmed over.

ThemesRise of the Footsoldier Origins is a violent action crime movie, following the underground world of a firm in London, seeing how easily the people will get sucked into and how easily it can spiral out of hand. The locations will highlight how open the deals once were and how people didn’t get overly involved in the situation to stop it. The attacks are brutally violent, sometimes more violent than they need to be, with most looking to try and shock for impact, rather than having motivation behind them.

Signature Entertainment presents Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins in Cinemas Nationwide 3rd September.

Final Thoughts Rise of the Footsoldier Origins is a nice entry point to one of England’s most violent franchises.

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