ABC Film Challenge – Sports – Y – Wheely (2018) Movie Review

This is under Y because of the director Yusry Abd Halim.

Director: Yusry Abd Halim, Carl Mendez

Writer: Keith Brumpton, Yusry Abd Halim, Peter Hynes (Screenplay)

Starring: (Voice Talents) Barbara Goodson, Chris Jai Alex, Ogie Banks, Brock Powell, Tamiyka White

Plot: Wheely, a cabbie from the lower ranks of society, faces an uphill battle to save his dream girl from a monstrous 18-wheeler truck who is the mastermind of a luxury car-napping syndicate.

Tagline – Local Zero to Global Hero

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Wheely starts as rookie driver Wheely is about to win the big race only for an accident to see his career finished before it gets started. One-year-later he is now working as a cabbie trying to make sure he remains calm not causing anymore damage to himself.

When Wheely ends up meeting luxury actress car Bella, he falls for her only to find himself caught up in middle of the bigger conspiracy going on involving a monstrous 18-wheeler truck who is trying to steal parts from cars around the land.


Thoughts on Wheely

ThoughtsWheely is an animated comedy that follows a former racer car that finds out he is involved in a bigger carnapping scheme going on in his city and must risk everything to put a stop to it. This isn’t the most entertaining animation, with large parts of the film feeling slower than it needs to be. It does seem to want to borrow a lot from what made the first Cars film fun, without hitting the heights of the laughs captured in that film. It does have a message about trying to chase dreams and not just settling in life, which will play into the dream in all of us, but outside of that we don’t seem to get to the next level of the story telling process, with some painful stereotypes in the film.

Final Thoughts Wheely Standard animation that doesn’t hit all the heights it wants to.

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