The Night House (2020) Movie Review ‘Truly Terrifying’

The Night House – Truly Terrifying


Director: David Bruckner

Writer: Ben Collins, Luke Piotrowski (Screenplay)

Starring: Rebecca Hall, Sarah Goldberg, Vondei Curtis-Hall, Evan Jonigkeit, Stacy Martin, David Abeles

Plot: A widow begins to uncover her recently deceased husband’s disturbing secrets.

Runtime: 1 Hour 48 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Night House starts as we meet the grieving widow Beth (Hall) looking to start the next stage of her life after her husband’s Owen (Jonigkeit) suicide. Staying in the couple’s remote lake house, it isn’t long before Beth starts hearing noises around the home, with an unsettling presence being felt, could it be Owen returning to Beth with a final message, or is it Beth dealing with the grief in her own way.

Thoughts on The Night House

Characters & Performances – Beth is the grieving widow that is trying to put the piece together what happened in her husband’s suicide, while learning secrets from his life, leaving asking even more questions about what happened. Beth has a natural humoured filled defence to what happened, which she uses around her friends to cover up the pain she is going through. She does tend to experience most of the haunting events after having too many drinks, which will give Beth a fresh approach to dealing with noises from around the house. Rebecca Hall gives us a tremendous performance in the leading role, she gives us what feels like a natural reaction to the type of death, one that is filled with nearly every top of defence to what happened, or desperation to learn the truth. Claire is the best friend, looking to support Beth in her time of need, she does her best to give her space, while also wanting to make sure she is safe. Sarah Goldberg does give us one of the best supporting character performances in a horror in years, never taking centre stage, while also written smartly to not be in the middle of the horror events. We do get other supporting characters, some will hold answers to Owen’s secrets, while Owen himself is just as an important character, leaving us wondering as to what happened to him.

StoryThe story here follows a grieving widow that finds herself getting visits from an unknown presence after her husband’s suicide, leaving her wondering what happened to him, learning more about the secrets he kept. This story does start with the simple idea of a widow being weak to letting an unknown presence into their live, an idea which has been used many times, somebody with an emotional impact in their lives, can become an easy target for supernatural. Where this film goes in a new direction, comes with the idea that this could well be a visit from a lost husband, a spirit that doesn’t look to target the victim, rather than befriend. We have the mystery about what might have been happening, which will only add more to what caused the sudden suicide, leaving us going into a direction we never imagined. The story is filled with tension, suspense, and more terror, as we wait to see just what the signs to the truth are.

ThemesThe Night House is a horror film that will lead us down the path of a ghost sending messages to a victim that will them to the truth about what has been happening in life. Each scene is filled with horror, be it the jump scares, or just the pure intensity about what could happen next. The location is just as important of a location, as it will build to different sightings, forcing us to want to check every single corner of the screen.

Final Thoughts The Night House is a truly terrifying horror film that will stick with you long after you leave the cinema, checking every corner of every room.

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