Deed of Death (2019) Movie Review ‘Hard Hitting Action Film’

Deed of Death – Hard Hitting Action Film

Director: Areel Abu Bakar

Writer: Areel Abu Bakar (Screenplay)

Starring: Namron, Khoharullah Majod, Feiyna Tajudin, Fad Anuar, Azlan Komeng, Salehuddin Abu Bakar

Plot: Ali and Fatimah are frustrated with their younger brother, Mat Arip, when he fails to come home with the grant of their inherited land. Ali will have to find Mat Arip, who has fallen in with the wrong crowd and takes part in illegal gambling and racing, and bring him home to their father, Pak Nayan.

Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Deed of Death starts when Ali (Majid) and Fatimah (Tajudin) learns their younger brother Mar Arip (Anuar) has fallen into the wrong crowd of illegal gambling and racing, leading to him owner the wrong people a lot of money.

Ali must search for Mat Arip to bring him home before he finds himself getting into more trouble, and helping look to clear his debts.

Thoughts on Deed of Death

ThoughtsDeed of Death is a Malaysian action movie that will see a family come together to show off all their martial arts skills, when it comes to fighting of a gang that are trying to reclaim a debt one of them has created. When it comes to the motivation, we are used to seeing a family fight for their own, it is an easy choice and one that works really well for the idea. We get to see how the three siblings are all skilled fighters and will use their skills to overcome the numbers games, even if certain sequences can feel samey with just the different environment they take place in. saying that, the fights do looks like we get a mix of hard hits that look truly painfully, along with moments that do look like the timing wasn’t completely in line with the choreography. The film does everything a fun martial arts film should, plenty of fights, a simple story of overcoming numbers and spiritual belief in what is being achieved with the training.

Signature Entertainment presents Deed of Death on Digital Platforms 23rd August 

Final Thoughts Deed of Death is an enjoyable martial arts movie with hard hitting action and a story that remains true to fight for the family.

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