Trailer Alert – Rumba Love

Released on September 24 -Theatrical & VOD

Having made a promise to pursue his music in New York, a rumba singer leaves Havana to chase his destiny and the love of his life. When success seems out of reach, he relies

on his unwavering determination to maintain his faith in a dream.

Trailer Alert – Tango Shalom

Released on – September 3 – Theatrical & VOD October 29

When a Tango dancer asks a Rabbi to enter a dance competition, there’s one big problem

due to his Orthodox beliefs – he’s not allowed to touch her! But the prize money would save his school from bankruptcy, so they develop a plan to enter the competition without sacrificing his beliefs and the bonds of family and community are tested, one dazzling dance step at a time in this lighthearted fable

Deed of Death (2019) Movie Review ‘Hard Hitting Action Film’

Deed of Death – Hard Hitting Action Film

Director: Areel Abu Bakar

Writer: Areel Abu Bakar (Screenplay)

Starring: Namron, Khoharullah Majod, Feiyna Tajudin, Fad Anuar, Azlan Komeng, Salehuddin Abu Bakar

Plot: Ali and Fatimah are frustrated with their younger brother, Mat Arip, when he fails to come home with the grant of their inherited land. Ali will have to find Mat Arip, who has fallen in with the wrong crowd and takes part in illegal gambling and racing, and bring him home to their father, Pak Nayan.

Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Deed of Death starts when Ali (Majid) and Fatimah (Tajudin) learns their younger brother Mar Arip (Anuar) has fallen into the wrong crowd of illegal gambling and racing, leading to him owner the wrong people a lot of money.

Ali must search for Mat Arip to bring him home before he finds himself getting into more trouble, and helping look to clear his debts.

Thoughts on Deed of Death

ThoughtsDeed of Death is a Malaysian action movie that will see a family come together to show off all their martial arts skills, when it comes to fighting of a gang that are trying to reclaim a debt one of them has created. When it comes to the motivation, we are used to seeing a family fight for their own, it is an easy choice and one that works really well for the idea. We get to see how the three siblings are all skilled fighters and will use their skills to overcome the numbers games, even if certain sequences can feel samey with just the different environment they take place in. saying that, the fights do looks like we get a mix of hard hits that look truly painfully, along with moments that do look like the timing wasn’t completely in line with the choreography. The film does everything a fun martial arts film should, plenty of fights, a simple story of overcoming numbers and spiritual belief in what is being achieved with the training.

Signature Entertainment presents Deed of Death on Digital Platforms 23rd August 

Final Thoughts Deed of Death is an enjoyable martial arts movie with hard hitting action and a story that remains true to fight for the family.

ABC Film Challenge – Sports – Q – The Rookie (2002) Movie Review

This is under Q because of Dennis Quaid.

Director: John Lee Hancock

Writer: Mike Rich (Screenplay)

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Rachel Griffiths, Jay Hernandez, Beth Grant, Angus T Jones, Brian Cox, Rick Gonzalez

Plot: A Texas baseball coach makes the major league after agreeing to try out if his high school team made the playoffs.

Tagline – It’s never too late to believe in your dreams.

Runtime: 2 Hours 7 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Inspiring Sports Drama

Story: The Rookie starts as we meet a young Jimmy Morris who moved around America as a kid, with his love of baseball remaining strong, he never made it to the big time, becoming a local science teacher Jimmy (Quaid) now coaching the local high school team in baseball, reveals his throwing ability, which sees him agree to one thing with his team, if they make the finals, he will try out for the Major League.

After his team perform, Jimmy goes for a try out and proves to have one of the fastest arms in the sport, leading to the major league teams willing to give him a position in his team, only can he perform, or is his previous injuries going to haunt him chances.

Thoughts on The Rookie

Characters – Jimmy Morris grew up playing baseball, he was a natural, but his family moved from town to town, making it hard for him to settle, he grew up to become a science teacher, husband, father and baseball coach, with his team learning on his arm, making a deal with him, which ends up seeing him get a try out for the major league with the fresh out of college players. Lorri is the wife of Jimmy, she has seen him struggle through his injuries and however difficult it might seem, supports his dream of going to have a chance of playing in the big time. Joaquin Campos is the cockiest player on the team Jimmy coaches, he pushing Jimmy into the deal, which sees the team improve.

PerformancesDennis Quaid is the true star of the show, he gives us a clear understand of the conflict he is facing with following his dream or staying professional. The rest of the cast let Quaid shine through the film without needing to get out of comfort zone.

StoryThe story here follows a science teacher and baseball coach that goes for a try out for the big time, only to turn heads with the pace of his arm, becoming one of the oldest men to become a rookie in the major league. This is based on the real achievement of the athlete, so we know that we are going to have a happy ending, we are more focused on the ideas of getting to the landmark, dealing with life choices he must face on whether it will be a good or bad idea. It does have a feel-good feeling to everything that is happen, though it does have everything we would expect to see in the film.

SportWhen it comes to the sport side of the film, we get to see how baseball is being thrown, it shows what it would feel like for one player, even if the sport isn’t the most interesting.

SettingsThe film shows us with the opening how Jimmy moves around a lot, with him finding a home in a small town, it shows how skill athletes can be found anywhere.

Scene of the Movie – The first game.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – Not learning what the injuries Jimmy suffered were.

Final Thoughts This is a by the book inspiring sports drama, it does everything correctly without needing to be complicated and is an easy watch.

Overall: Sports Drama 101.