The Pebble & the Boy (2021) Movie Review ‘Feel-Good Perfection’

The Pebble & The Boy – Feel-Good Perfection

Director: Chris Green

Writer: Chris Green (Screenplay)

Starring: Patrick McNamee, Sacha Parkinson, Max Boast, Patsy Kensit, Ricci Harnett, Jesse Birdsall

Plot: The story follows John Parker, a 19 year old from Manchester who embarks on a journey to Brighton, the spiritual home of the Mods, on an old Lambretta scooter left to him by his father. The film is a celebration of Mod culture and fashion and features music by Paul Weller and The Jam.

Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Pebble & The Boy starts as John (McNamee) loses his father, leaving him his house and his scooter, John wanting to spread his father ashes in Brighton, he looks to set off from Manchester on his Lambretta scooter.

John meets his father’s friends along the way, including one of their daughter’s Nicki (Parkinson) who joins him learning of the Paul Weller gig. As the pair head south, they learn the importance of what a Mod culture in the UK is and what it means to the people in it.

Thoughts on The Pebble & The Boy

Characters & Performances – John is a college student who has lost his father, being left everything he had, including his prize Lambretta scooter, wanting to honour his father by spreading his ashes, he looks to follow on one of his more famous journeys from Manchester to Brighton. Setting off without much of a plan, John learns about the Mod culture his father was part off, meeting his friends along the way, meeting new friends and having an adventure of his lifetime. Patrick McNamee in this role is brilliant, giving us performance that explores the grief process people go through. Nicki is the daughter of one of the friends along the way, she pushes him into continuing the journey, offering up the connections john wasn’t aware of, with her family remaining part of the Mod culture. She will bring the confidence to the journey, constantly helping John come out of his shell. Sacha Parkinson is wonderful too, oozing the confidence that is the opposite to Patrick, making their interactions shine. In the supporting characters we get to meet the people that knew John’s father in the past, each with a different story of their time with him.

StoryThe story here follows a young man that goes on the adventure his father took on his Lambretta scooter from Manchester to Brighton to spread his ashes, where he will learn more about who is father truly was. The Pebble & the Boy is the perfect example of children not knowing the lives their parents lived before them, meaning only learning little parts of a story can be misleading until you learn about the rest. The journey John must go on is everything a young person will learn more than anything else about themselves, taking the chances on enjoying life will be what drives them on the adventure, meeting new people, learning different lives, understanding a culture never understood before. The story will put John and the audience through a range of emotions, as he is dealing with the grief he is going through too.

ThemesThe Pebble & The Boy is an adventure drama that will see a young man travel from Manchester to Brighton around 270 miles on a Lambretta scooter to honour his dad’s memory. The adventure will give John stories, ones he never heard, ones he can now tell people. The locations along the way, show that people can make friends across the country, along with the perfect realization of someone who has never been to Brighton beach, learning there is no sand. The locations are used to show the walk down memory lane for the son, following in his father’s footsteps, in every decision he makes on the journey.

The Pebble And The Boy will be in UK Cinemas from 27th August

Final Thoughts The Pebble & the Boy is a five-star refreshing coming-of-age adventure movie.

ABC Film Challenge – Sports – P – The Program (2015) Movie Review

Director: Stephen Frears

Writer: John Hodge (Screenplay) David Walsh (Book)

Starring: Ben Foster, Chris O’Dowd, Guillaume Canet, Jesse Plemons, Lee Pace, Denis Menochet, Edward Hogg, Dustin Hoffman

Plot: An Irish sports journalist becomes convinced that Lance Armstrong’s performances during the Tour de France victories are fueled by banned substances. With this conviction, he starts hunting for evidence that will expose Armstrong.

Tagline – Lance Armstrong couldn’t be beaten. Except by the truth.

Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Great Cheater Exposed

Story: The Program starts in the mid-90s when Lance Armstrong (Foster) first starting make waves in the Tour De France, he has built a reputation that even journalist David Walsh (O’Dowd) believes he could go onto make history on the day events, but not the full tour and just when his time was coming he gets diagnosed with cancer, a new battle arrives in his life.

Lance defeats cancer and decides to build a new team, playing on the idea of determination to win the Tour De France, only his involves taking advantage of steroids to improve him performance. On his return Lance leads his team to victory in the Tour De France, but David Walsh isn’t convinced and looks to expose the truth about Lance Armstrong cheating scandal.

Thoughts on The Program

Characters – Lance Armstrong starts as the ambitious young cyclist who enters his first Tour De France, learning he might not be the strongest competitor, but wanting to improve himself, he does look to other methods which are not within the rules, only he get struck down with cancer before he can get his reputation up. He overcomes the cancer and sets out to make his history by building a team to compete in the Tour De France, not just to take part but to win, using additional drugs to make the team the best, he becomes an icon in the sport that inspires everyone, only he needs to keep the secret, something he will find impossible to achieve. David Walsh is a sports journalist who has been watching, interviewing athletes for years, he supports Lance in his early career, but after his recovery, he doesn’t believe his career is as fair as it seems and looks to expose the truth, no matter how difficult it will become to prove. We do meet the coaches, teammates and other people that enabled to the cheating to take place, along with the people that could help expose more of the truth.

PerformancesBen Foster is fantastic in the leading role, he is filled confidence and belief that what he is doing is correct, that Foster brings to life with ease. Chris O’Dowd is great too, showing the man that would risk his career for the truth, with the supporting cast doing a great job too.

StoryThe story here follows the career of Lance Armstrong, how he overcame cancer to become a record breaking winner of the Tour De France, only for the truth about how he managed it to come out, exposing him a cheat. This story is shown in a way that it could have shown his success, while also showing the darker side of the sport and how he managed to control people for so long. We see how Lance managed to stay ahead of the people trying to expose him for so long before everything came crashing down around him and how he went from inspiration survivor to disgraced cheat.

Biopic/SportThe biopic side of the film does show the life of Lance from his first race until the moment he finally admitted the truth, each chapter shows how desperate he was to keep the secret in the world of sport.

SettingsThe film does use the settings to show us how the acts could have been committed and how the race was front an centre of his life, along with one location which showed how Lance was struggling with his life.

Scene of the Movie – Bridge champion meeting.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – We could have seen more of the consequences of his actions.

Final Thoughts This is great look at one of the biggest sporting scandals of all time, showing how Lance Armstrong got away with it for so long and went from hero to zero with the truth.

Overall: Incredible Cheating Scandal