ABC Film Challenge – Sports Movies – I – Ice Castles (1978) Movie Rob’s Pick

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“[tough as nails] You’re what’s hurting her! Let her be. She’s good. She’s got more natural talent than anyone I’ve ever seen, and that includes those girls at the Olympics” – Beulah Smith

Number of Times Seen – at least three times (Cable in the 80’s, 20 Apr 2012 and 6 Aug 2021)

Brief Synopsis – An Olympic skating hopeful needs to deal with the pressure of the sport and of those around her.

My Take on it – This is a film that I recall seeing at a very early age on cable and knew a lot about it because my sisters had seen it in the theater when it originally came out.

The story is told quite well and it’s easy to understand the various pressures that young athletes must endure in order to compete in such a competitive arena.

The plot moves along well and we can see how the main character’s outlook on everything changes as the story progresses.

The frustration of losing and also of dealing with all of these pressures is quite apparent throughout.

The cast is great with Lynn-Holly Johnson doing a superb job in the lead role.

Robby Benson is also great as her boyfriend who will do anything to help her achieve her goals even at the expense of his own dreams.

Loved seeing Tom Skerritt in a small yet important role as her father who also torn about whether  to let her compete or not.

The skating scenes are filmed quite well and there are some very breathtaking shots that are very impressive.


MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Lynn-Holly Johnson says she was repeatedly pressured to do a nude scene in this film, which she refused to do. She says this incident makes her laugh and say “if you only knew!” whenever someone tells her what a great family film this movie was. (From IMDB)

The film has an amazing theme song Through the Eyes of Love – sung by Melissa Manchester which was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Original Song.  The theme music also plays throughout the movie and it’s quite uplifting.

Rating – Globe Worthy (8.10)

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