The Pey (2021) Short Movie Review

The Pey – Is Going to Go Viral


Director: Ramone Menon

Writer: Ramone Menon (Screenplay)

Starring: Katie Leszynski, Noelle Miller, Daniele Manzin

Plot: After sharing a mysterious GIF online, a social media obsessed Teenager is hunted by a terrifying monster known as The Pey

Tagline – Do You Believe in The Pey?

Runtime: 9 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Pey starts when social media obsessed teenager Ophelia (Leszynski) gets a message with a GIF, one asking is she believes in the Pey, asking to be shared in return for followers. Once Ophelia shares the GIF on her social media, her follow count starts to skyrocket, but at a price, a presence around her home, getting closer as the count goes up.

Thoughts on The Pey

ThoughtsThe Pey is a short horror movie from director Ramone Menon who previous bought us ‘The Black Tape’. In The Pey we get to dive into the world of social media and how desperate people can be follows, showing how people will share things without thinking about what they are about. We get a GIF that is horror related, that will slowly start to change, becoming a warning towards the person that has shared it. This is a strong use of the idea of consequences for sharing the wrong thing on social media, while this might be down the supernatural lines, we have seen other consequences in real life for similar things before. This will play into what we have seen with technology use being used to transport an evil form, most notably with The Ring, which even evolved past the video tape idea, leaving this the first to move into the GIF idea. The creature itself is something you would never want to meet, something we could only be asking for more from. The one question I always like to ask about short films is, ‘could we see more?’ The answer for this one is yes, the idea could go in so many different directions, just from the hints we see from the comments sections on screen, leaving this short horror in the same position as ‘Lights Out’ it will pull you in, scare you and leave you wanting more encounters.

Final Thoughts The Pey is the next short horror film that should be going viral.

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