ABC Film Challenge – Sports Movies – D – A League of Their Own (1992) Movie Review

A League of Their Own – Outstanding

This is under D because of the star player Dottie Hinson.

Director: Penny Marshall

Writer: Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel (Screenplay) Kim Wilson, Kelly Candaele (Story)

Starring: Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Lori Petty, Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, Megan Cavanagh, David Strathairn, Garry Marshall, Jon Lovitz, Bill Pullman

Plot: Two sisters join the first female professional baseball league and struggle to help it succeed amidst their own growing rivalry.

Tagline – To achieve the incredible you have to attempt the impossible.

Runtime: 2 Hour 8 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: A League of Their Own starts as World War II is raging on the owner of the Major Baseball teams back on the road, turning their attention to making a women’s league, this sees the scouts travelling America to find the best talent, sadly not only the best players, but the best looking.

Dottie Hinson (Davis) and her sister Kit Keller (Petty) are two of the women selected and joined by Mae Mordabito (Madonna), Doris Murphy (O’Donnell), Marla Hooch (Cavanagh) and many more, they end up on the Rockford Peaches, being managed by washed up alcoholic legend Jimmy Dugan (Hanks). While Jimmy has no interesting in taking part, Dottie takes charge to make sure the women make the impact that will keep them in the game they love.

Thoughts on A League of Their Own

Characters & Performances – Dottie Hinson is dairy farmer that is content with her life, with her husband at war, she doesn’t expect want much from her life, in her spare time she plays baseball, which catches the eye of a scout and recruited to join the women’s baseball league. She only agrees to join if her sister can try out and it isn’t long before she becomes the star of the league, taking control of the team and helping the league gain the attention it needs. Geena Davis is brilliant in the leading role, which is going to be said about most of this cast in the film. Kit Keller is the younger sister of Dottie, that has always lived in the shadow of Dottie, she is determined to get out of the hometown with the baseball opportunity being the first and best option for her. Jimmy Dugan is the former legendary player who saw his career taken from him by his alcoholic ways, which got him injured, unable to play or fight in the war, his name could help draw eyes on the league, he doesn’t want anything but the pay day, but soon gets invested in making his team the best, looking to finally battle his own demons. Tom Hanks gives us one of his very few unlikable characters for large parts of the film, while he doesn’t take away the fact that his character is on just as an important arc as the rest. We do get to meet a host of other players, each one with different characteristics to bring humour and reality to the situation of the time the film is taking place.

StoryThe story here follows the creation of the first women’s baseball league to help keep people entertained during World War II, it shows how the women came from around the country to play in a league which wasn’t only about the sport, but about the image, they wanted pretty girls to turn heads and put a positive spin on the world, we follow one team as they overcome the problems to make it to the world series. This story shows how that even over time, the sexism in sport will still stick, to be the best here, you didn’t need to be the best player, but the best looking, which is tragic to see, but it ended up being the building blocks to get the more serious side of the sport of the ground. The story balances the character well for the most part, putting the main focus on the sisters, but the only negative side of this film does come from the fact they made a big point about Marla, first being brilliant both handed, then not being pretty enough for the league, getting her in the league, but not making a big point of anything she achieved in the league.

ThemesA League of Their Own brings us a sports drama that gets plenty of baseball in (even though I still don’t understand the game), with the hits, catches and outs along the way, showing the tactical side of trying to prepare each player for what they are facing, which is balance perfectly with the comedy, mostly from Rosie O’Donnell and Madonna, holding the series side of the film, for the big moment, which captures you attention in fear, when one of the women is going to learn about their death of their husband at war. The Settings are used to show different backgrounds the women come from, the rich owners life of luxury, the crowds coming into the game getting the attention the sport deserved and the most important side, the locker room, where the bonding needed to happen for the players to achieve what they did.

A League of Their Own an amazing sports drama, highlight the efforts of the first Women’s Baseball League and how they defined expectations to build their own legacy.

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