Night Book (2021) Interactive Movie Review

Night Book – Wonderful Horror Experience


Director: Alex Lightman

Writer: Megan Jones (Screenplay)

Starring: Colin Salmon, Julie Dray, Mark Wingett, Siwan Morris, Akie Kotabe, Myriam Acharki, Kaine Zajaz

Plot: Follows an interpreter who gets deceived into reading a passage from an ancient book that unleashes a demon that begins to possess people inside her home.

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Night Book starts as we meet Loralyn a pregnant translator working from home while her fiancée Pearce is preparing for the grand opening of the exclusive hotel on the island of La Pouce. Loralyn is also caring for her father who believes the project will bring evil to the household.

As Loralyn looks to continue her shift from home, she finds herself getting caught up in a supernatural haunting, as the spirits from the island are looking make her the latest victim.

Thoughts on Night Book

Characters & Performances – Loralyn is the character we are making the decisions for, she is a pregnant translator who has let her mentality unstable father live with her, while her fiancée complete the business on a major holiday complex. She finds herself getting haunted by the spirits from the island. Both the character and us need to figure out how to get through the situation. When it comes to the other characters we interact with, we have Loralyn’s father, who believes he is fighting the evil spirits. Loralyn’s boss Cody that gives her and us the choice on who to help, and Pearce her fiancée away at work. Each performer must do multiply takes, to create each different reaction to a decision, throughout the film.

StoryThe story here follows a translator that is trying to go about her daily job, when she finds herself dealing with the haunting side effects that also comes from her fiancée business dealings. This is an interactive movie, we will be following one person’s decisions making them for her, as she looks to make it through the situation. We get to address the different levels of traditions which can come from haunting moments, or lack of respect for traditions, while seeing the one person trying to do the right thing. The story does have 15 different endings, meaning you can re-watch and do doing different outcomes, giving you a different experience for the duration of the film. This is one of the short complete stories, with each round being around about 30 minutes, meaning it gives you plenty of time to jump between the different branches.

ThemesNight Book is an interactive horror thriller that uses the webcams to show the different homes having the different experiences throughout the film, keeping everything contained to the singular homes or offices of the characters. The idea we can build the outcome we would like to experience does help give this a unique feeling, as you can get a different experience each time. My biggest problem with this and many of interactive films, is that if you are watching, you are giving next to no time to realize you need to respond, with certain moments just happening suddenly, I understand this is to maintain the flow of the sequence, but it does also feel like we should have an option to let the seen pause for a few more seconds to let us grab the remote, controller or mouse, depending on how you are experiencing it, to make the choice we would like, by processing what has just been said or seen.

NIGHT BOOK is released on 27 July on Steam (PC & Mac), PS4, Xbox One, Switch and iOS.

Final Thoughts Night Book is a great fun interactive experience in the horror world.

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