The God Committee (2021) Movie Review

The God Committee – Brings All the Moral Questions


Director: Austin Stark

Writer: Austin Stark (Screenplay) Mark St Germain (Play)

Starring: Kelsey Grammer, Julia Stiles, Colman Domingo, Janeane Garofalo, Dan Hedaya, Patricia R Floyd, Peter Kim

Plot: An organ transplant committee has one hour to decide which of three patients deserves a life-saving heart. Seven years later, the committee members struggle with the consequences of that fateful decision.

Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The God Committee starts as we meet the transplant committee at a local hospital, Dr Andre Boxer (Grammer), Dr Jordan Taylor (Stiles), Father Dunbar (Domingo), Nurse Wilkes (Floyd), Dr Lau (Kim) and Dr Valerie Gilroy (Garofalo), as we follow the discussion they must have before making the difficult decisions about who can move up or down the list.

As Dr Boxer is looking to push through a new solution for the organ shortages coming in the future and his own failing health would leave him trying to push himself into the conversation to see his own ideas become reality, leading to the committee needing to show us how they decide before the organ expires.

Thoughts on The God Committee

Characters & Performances – Dr Andre Boxer is one of the committee members, he is the man that will go onto perform the surgery on the patients, which will see him having his fair say on whether the team should go ahead or not. He does have a desire to make the world a better place where he is working on creating organs instead of relying on doners, even if he is one of the people that will need an organ in the future. Kelsey Grammer is great in this role, he gets to bring the doctor figure we have got to know for years to life in a more hands on approach, being able to deliver the important lines his character must go through. Dr Jordan Taylor is the youngest member of the committee, she must learn the difficult decision-making process the team go through, with her personal relationship potentially getting in the way, she is willing to push past the moral dilemmas of the decision making process. Julia Stiles does get the scenes with the biggest impact, shining through them. Father Dunbar brings a different dimension to the discussion, Dr Valerie Gilroy, Nurse Wilkes and Dr Lau complete the committee, with each having their own way to bring something to the table on the medical side of things.

StoryThe story here brings us a group of medical personnel that are part of an organ transplant committee, that must discuss and make the difficult decision on who will get a heart, with three potential candidates waiting for one. This is a story broken up into a meeting and the aftermath down the line, which does hide the outcome for as long as possible, even if it does seem pretty obvious who was selected, showing the growth Dr Rachel Taylor goes through and the measure Dr Andre Boxer is going to try and find a smart solution in the future. It will offer the discussion in a way that will make you think about which one you believe should get the heart, but sadly never pushing this to the extremer limits we might have seen in a ‘House’ episode.

ThemesThe God Committee is a drama thriller that is discussion based, much like a courtroom drama, with each member of the committee putting forward their own case about who should get the heart, each part of the process will reveal more about the candidates being put forward, trying to keep us guessing who will get the heart.

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Final Thoughts The God Committee is a great thriller that brings a new light to one of the hardest decisions a doctor would have to make.

ABC Film Challenge – Comedy – O – Old Boys (2018) Movie Review

Director: Toby MacDonald

Writer: Luke Ponte, Freddy Syborn (Screenplay)

Starring: Alex Lawther, Jonah Hauer-King, Pauline Etienne, Denis Menochet, Joshua McGuire, Nicholas Rowe, Eros Vlahos

Plot: In the school-set re-working of Cyrano, an awkward but imaginative pupil helps the handsome but spectacularly dim school-hero pursue the fiery daughter of a visiting French teacher.

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Live Your Life 101

Story: Old Boys starts as we head to a private British Boarding School where we see the school loser Amberson (Lawther) who is always picked last in sport and bullied by the rest of the boys in the school. Amberson meets the daughter of new teacher Agnes (Etienne) moving in to the local residence, where she gets a sight of the most popular boy in school Winchester (Hauer-King).

Amberson ends up playing the middle man for the romance between the two, as it turns out that Winchester is more about the talk, rather than just being a smooth ladies man and it is actually Amberson that is the smooth one, can he make the relationship work to improve his position in the school?

Thoughts on Old Boys

Characters – Amberson is considered the outsider and loser in the boarding school, he is smarter than most of the other students and isn’t from a rich family like the rest either. He gets woken everyday by a bucket of water, which he must refill and along the way he meets the daughter of the new French teacher, he falls for her, but ends up needing to make a deal with the popular kid in the school to be the middle man in their relationship. Winchester is the most popular kid in the school, he will always have the rest of the school behind him, even though he isn’t as confident as his persona makes him. He needs Amberson to help him and will exchange it for popularity. Agnes is the French daughter of the newest teacher, she is bored following her father around and will get Amberson to help her meet Winchester. Babinot is Agnes father that is the new teacher dealing with his own problems even at his daughter’s expense.

PerformancesAlex Lawther once again gives us a wonderful leading performance where he does show us the confident side to his geeky character. Jonah Hauer-King does a great job playing against the typical character you would image his character looks. Pauline Etienne is great to watch as the young woman that wants to be set free to live her dreams.

StoryThe story here follows a boarding school student that is always picked on that ends up getting stuck as the middle man between the popular student and a daughter of one of the teachers that he has a crush on. This story does like to spin the stereotypes we have seen happening for years, with the popular jock being an uncomfortable figure, the geeky figure being the smoother one with the ladies, which changes how the characters act over how they look. We do see how popularity can spin in a second no matter what people think and that life is about taking chances like no other.

ComedyThe comedy here comes from seeing how the characters interact, with how Winchester is seen by the other students who idolism him.

SettingsThe film keeps the film in the and around the boarding school, which shows how the limited options are there for the boys.

Scene of the Movie – The big game.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – The supporting students are clichés.

Final Thoughts This is a fun comedy that gives us the important message about living life to the fullest, we might have seen this idea before, but this film does spin certain stereotypes on their heads.

Overall: Fun Comedy.