S. Darko (2009) Movie Review

Director: Chris Fisher

Writer: Nate Atkins (Screenplay) Richard Kelly (Characters)

Starring: Daveigh Chase, Briana Evigan, James Lafferty, Ed Westwick, Walter Platz, John Hawkes, Bret Roberts

Plot: Donnie Darko’s little sister Samantha and her best friend Corey are on a cross-country road trip, but soon find themselves entangled in a dangerous glitch in the time-space continuum.

Tagline – What Would You Do If You Knew The Future?

Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Pointless Sequel

Story: S. Darko starts seven years after the events of Donnie Darko, Samantha (Chase) his little sister has grown up to become a lost soul in the world, drifting with Corey (Evigan), still struggling with the grief of what happened to her brother’s unsolved death. The two women find themselves in a small country town while their car is getting fix.

As the two spend the time in the town, they learn about the secrets, including the estranged war veteran known as Iraq Jack (Lafferty) who is considered a danger in the local area, though he starts getting visits from Samantha talking about the end, will the rest of the town’s secrets get revealed.

Thoughts on S. Darko

Characters – Samantha is the younger sister of Donnie Darko, she has seen her family destroyed by what happened to him, seeing her left alone in the world, drifting with her friend, she has always been spaced out, but now she starts to experience the same visions that Donnie once did, sleepwalking and visiting people with warnings of an impending doom coming to this town. This is a strange twist for the character that starts of shier and more innocent, but soon is trying to find the truth about her own visions. Corey is the confident of the two friends, she likes to party and flirt, which has seen her getting tired of Samantha’s awkwardness. Iraq Jack is a war veteran that has been branded a creep in the town, the police are just waiting to blame him for any crime to get rid of him, but he has a story to tell, one that Samantha can connect too. Randy is the local bad boy that befriends the two girls, he has lost his brother and this has turned him to drink for comfort, while he battles his own demons once the girls arrive in the town.

PerformancesDaveigh Chase is the only actors to return to the franchise, she doesn’t give us a bad performance, she does look like the innocent lost soul she is meant to be playing. Briana Evigan as the confident flirty best friend is strong through the film, while the rest of the cast really do what they can with the material, this isn’t one that the actors should be criticised for.

StoryThe story here follows the sister of Donnie Darko as she discovers that she has her own journey with the time travelling universe saving rabbit figure that is desperately trying to put the warning out there to this small town. Well that is about as much as I could figure out, much like Donnie Darko, we do get a town filled with secrets that the time travelling is meant to expose or save, but we just try to get an overly diluted version of the genius of the original story. The idea that somebody in this town has their own bunny mask confuses more than anything and by the end you will be left wondering what the point in the story here was, the sequel ideas never seem to understand the uniqueness of the original, losing the direction it is trying to show.

Mystery/Sci-FiThe mystery in this film comes what is going on, though it doesn’t even feel solved by the conclusion of the film, while the sci-fi side of the film follows the idea of time travel.

SettingsThe film is set in a small town which does have a few secrets that people want to keep secret, but are about to be exposed.

Special EffectsThe effects are fine they have the keep the goo water trail that we had in the first film.

Scene of the Movie – Umm, pass.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – So many plot holes.

Final Thoughts This is a sequel that just seems to become pointless, he doesn’t dig any deeper and only confuses the timeline with plot holes everywhere.

Overall: Hopeless Sequel.

ABC Film Challenge – Comedy – N – Our Idiot Brother (2011) Movie Review

This is going under N because of the main character Ned.

Director: Jesse Peretz

Writer: Evgenia Peretz, David Schisgall (Screenplay)

Starring: Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Adam Scott, Rashida Jones, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer, Steve Coogan, Kathryn Hahn

Plot: A comedy centered on an idealist who barges into the lives of his three sisters.

Tagline – Everybody has one.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Nice Drama on Life

Story: Our Idiot Brother starts when serial slacker Ned (Rudd) gets busted once again, needing his family to support him when he gets out of jail, with Miranda (Banks), Natalie (Deschanel) and Liz (Mortimer) taking it in turns to help him get back on his feet.

As Ned spends time with each of his sisters, each with different lives, he helps them with different ideas to get more out of their lives, all while trying to find his own place in life.

Thoughts on Our Idiot Brother

Characters – Ned is the simple brother in the family, he gets in trouble trying to sell drugs to a cop, he needs to try and sort his life of before it spirals out of control, with each of his sisters offering to help him, while he unwittingly helps them change their lives. Miranda is the ambitions reporter, putting her career ahead of anything else in her life, she often looks down on the rest of the family. Natalie is the bisexual free spirited comedian who is trapped in a place in life where she knows she needs to take things more seriously in life. Liz is the sister that got married and settled down, only for her to get caught in the middle of a routine, and questions about her husband.

PerformancesPaul Rudd in the leading role is funny, bringing the harmless nature to his character to life with ease. Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel and Emily Mortimer work very well as the sisters, with the different traits for the stages of life.

StoryThe story here follows a slacker brother that needs his sisters after getting out of jail, only to find himself being part of the changes they need to make in life. This is told in a way where the three sisters are caught in a position of wanting to blame the brother over their own fault or the person who is actually to blame for the problems they are facing. We get the core idea that family is important and you will need to start to listen to them and turn to them for advice in life.

ComedyThe comedy comes from seeing how Ned gets through the days without taking anything too serious, along with how things can get out of hand.

SettingsThe film shows the different houses that sisters live in, which reflects their position in their own lives.

Scene of the Movie – River visits Ned in jail.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – Some of the sisters stories don’t feel as serious as the others.

Final Thoughts This is a fun comedy that does everything you would expect, the cast are wonderful and we get to learn the true meaning of family.

Overall: Enjoyable.