Son (2021) Movie Review

Son – Creepy Sinister Film


Director: Ivan Kavanagh

Writer: Ivan Kavanagh (Screenplay)

Starring: Andi Matichak, Emile Hirsch, Luke David Blumm, Cranston Johnson, Blaine Maye, J Robert Spencer, Rocco Sisto

Plot: When a young boy contracts a mysterious illness, his mother must decide how far she will go to protect him from terrifying forces in her past.

Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Son starts as a young woman Laura (Matichak) goes on the run from a group of people before giving birth to a baby boy. Years later when her son David (Blumm) is 8, she sees a terrifying encounter and Dvid sudden starts becoming very ill.

As David continues to get worse, Laura is forced to dive into her past to look for answers that could help save her son’s life, while friendly police officers Paul (Hirsch) is trying to prevent anything dangerous happening.

Thoughts on Son

Characters & Performances – Laura was once part of a cult, one she escaped from before having her son, she is trying to build a new life for him, with everything being put together nicely until one night she believes the cult has found her and wants her son. She is left to try and protect her son, while showing us that she is unstable because of her past too. Andi Matichak does give us a character that is filled with confliction about what is happening, which is interesting to see through the film. David is the son that suddenly starts getting ill being is horrific pain, the doctors can’t explain why, but when he jumps between ill and better, we learn the truth about what is happening. Luke David Blumm must give us a strong performance for the pain his character goes through as well as the almost forgot it happened side of it too. Paul is the local police officer that starts investigating what might have been happening, always following Laura learning and exposing more about her past. Emile Hirsch is make a name for himself in the supporting roles of horror films nicely, he does everything right here too.

StoryThe story here follows a young mother that is trying to build a life for her and her son, but her past comes back to haunt her, leading her to go on the run to try and save her child. This is a story that will mix the determination to protect a child with the uncertainty about what has happened in Laura’s past. The mystery about what happened is slowly revealed, which becomes more shocking and sinister, as well as balancing the idea it could be in her head. Paul side of the story doesn’t feel like it gets enough attention, with most of the snippets we see are just for reveals, rather than building his character.

ThemesSon is a horror mystery that uses the escape from a cult fear to create a world where Laura is always looking over her shoulder with creepy appearances in the shadows, with the opening shock appearance being the standout of them all. The locations used feel like a step back into the past, with each one always having something unsettling about them.

Son is coming to Shudder on the 8th July 2021.

Final Thoughts Son is a creepy horror mystery that will fill the screen with the dread of the unknown.

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