Red Soil – Release News

Signature Entertainment presents Red Soil on Digital Platforms 16th August

Synopsis: Red Soil is a timely and edge-of-your-seat thriller. This Dardenne brothers-produced thriller, directed by Farid Bentoumi, isreminiscent of Erin Brockovich or Dark Waters, and stars Zita Hanrot (The Hookup Plan), Olivier Gourmet (The Kid with a Bike) andCéline Sallette (The Returned). Nour (Hanrot), a young nurse, finds a job running the infirmary at the chemical plant where her dad (Sami Bouajila) has been labouring for 30 years. She soon discovers a vast cover-up involving toxic waste dumping, cancer victims and a corrupt local government. Now the young woman will have to choose between hiding the truth for her father’s sake or becoming a whistleblower and speak out against corporate greed to uncover the local pollution scandal.

Mission: Galaxy – Release News

Signature Entertainment presents Mission Galaxy on Digital Platforms 9th August

Synopsis: WALL-E meets AVATARMISSON GALAXY is an out of this world adventure set in outer space. The once beautiful Planet Kepler is now dry and near destruction after its precocious Callaro plant was exploited to extinction by Earthers using it as a source of super energy. Three brave space kids – Axel, Jono and Gaga – embark on a desperate and daring mission to rebuild their desolate planet. Battling against evil Earthers, giant spaceships and destructive Robots the trio of heroic milky-way troopers will stop at nothing to alter the fate of their home. Directed by Leo Lee.

Moonbound – Release News

Signature Entertainment presents Moonbound in Cinemas Nationwide 6th August

Synopsis: Wall-E meets Over the Moon, in Moonbound an out-of-this-world family adventure. This gorgeous and charming new feature animation follows one boy and his sister on a race against time to restore peace to the Milky Way. Based on one of Germany’s most popular children’s books, Moonbound tells the story of little Pete who embarks on an enchanting journey together with June bug Mr. Zoomzeman and the Sandman to rescue his little sister from the evil Moon Man. Moonbound is directed by Ali Samhadi Ahadi.

Unchained (2021) Movie Review

Director: Raphaello

Writer: John Bryan, Ilia Constantine, Raphaello (Screenplay)

Starring: Eric Roberts, Mair Mulroney, Taya Valkyrie, Rock Riddle, April Clark, Larry A Andrews, Maricris Lapaix, Roni Weissman, Svetlana Constantine, Kasarlina Wang

Plot: An idealistic woman is kidnapped and forced to compete in an underground fight ring. Every night is a fight for her life as she plans to overthrow her captors and save the lives of many others doomed to the same endless cycle.

Tagline – To rise you must be willing to fall.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Unchained starts when Aella (Mulroney) is tricked into an audition which will see her abducted and forced to compete in an underground fighting ring, where other women are being kept for the entertainment.

Aella isn’t willing to take these rules and looks to escape along with the other women, which will see her prepare to escape while learning about the bigger picture she finds herself in.

Thoughts on Unchained

ThoughtsUnchained is an action thriller that will show a woman that is abducted and forced into underground fighting and if people don’t comply, they will simply get killed. This is a story that we have seen similar ideas before and we have seem given to us in a more intense level. It isn’t anything overly fresh, with the performances not being as strong as they should be, with the fighting never feeling like there is anything hard hitting going on, just using the camerawork to cover up any direct shots, instead of pull punches. This doesn’t end up being one of the most memorable films, with most of what we see just not connecting and with one of these random Eric Roberts appearances.

Final Thoughts Unchained is a largely forgettable movie without the action it could have or the performances to improve the material.

The Birthday Cake – Release News

Signature Entertainment presents The Birthday Cake in Cinemas and on Premium Digital 16th July

Synopsis: The Godfather meets Layer CakeThe Birthday Cake is a hard-hitting and gripping mob-drama directed by Jimmy Giannopoulos with a murderous all-star cast including Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting), Val Kilmer (Top Gun), William Fichtner (Prison Break), Luis Guzmán (Traffic), Lorraine Bracco (Goodfellas), Emory Cohen (Brooklyn), Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas), Penn Badgley (You), Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars) and Shiloh Fernandez (Red Riding Hood), who is also co-writer with Diomedes Raul Bermudez. On one fateful evening, Gio, the son of a murdered mobster and the nephew of Brooklyn mob boss Angelo (Kilmer), carries on the family tradition of bringing a cake his mother baked to his uncle’s house for a celebration. Just two hours into the night, Gio’s life is forever changed as he begins to piece together what really happened to his father and ultimately comes face to face with the type of violence he has managed to avoid his whole life.