She’s In Portland (2020) Movie Review

Director: Marc Carlini

Writer: Patrick Alexander, Marc Carlini (Screenplay)

Starring: Tommy Dewey, Ricco Ross, Minka Kelly, Vishesh Chachra, Alexis Krause, Robin Gammell, Francois Arnaud

Plot: Hoping to reconnect with his college buddy, a 30-something businessman drags him along on a road trip.

Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: She’s in Portland starts Wes (Dewey) looks to help his college buddy Luke (Arnaud) out of his slump in life after he never appears to the reunion, Wes looks to travel across country with Luke to find Luke’s ex-girlfriend that they both are still hiding feelings about.

Along the way the pair get to meet women who are at different stages of their lives, showing Luke what life could happen, from the college days to the recently divorced woman who have seen the world and want more, all for a chance to help Luke find happiness.

Thoughts on She’s in Portland

ThoughtsShe’s in Portland is a road travel movie between two friends that are both in need of help, one has been hiding from the world, while the other is hiding something from the world and has turned to his friend to try and get some support without asking for it. The friendship we witness through the film is powerful, showing that you know there is always one person in life that can get you more than anybody else you could have imagined. The two leads do work very well together, showing us how they are both in need of their best friend in a most important part of life. The road trip feel does help us see just how far the pair go, showing us just how pair need to learn about different people’s life experiences to get through their conflict. This gets the biggest impact from the final half of the film, which turns the truth in a different direction, one that is a lot more serious than it seemed.

Final Thoughts She’s in Portland is a nice drama about finding out what you want most in life.

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