Ribbon (2019) Movie Review

Director: Cade Thomas

Writer: Cade Thomas (Screenplay)

Starring: Joseph Beard, Matthew Brown, Hannah Gray, Debbi Tucker

Plot: Ribbon tells the story of two siblings who face adulthood and compete in a ribbon dancing competition at a local dying mall in this comedic look at modern corporate America.

Runtime: 1 Hour

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Ribbon starts as Michael (Beard) needs to let his sister Maggie (Gray) stay in his apartment, while she looks to get her feet back on the ground, trying to push her into finding a job. When Maggie enters herself into a Ribbon dancing competition, she befriends homeless woman Pearl (Tucker) who claims to know how to dance.

As Michael gets tired of Maggie’s schemes, he pushes her away while dealing with his new boss, while Maggie continues to let Pearl walk over her.

Thoughts on Ribbon

ThoughtsRibbon is a drama that shows a pair of siblings that are going through different stages of their lives, with Michael dealing with changes at work, while Maggie doesn’t want to accept going into the adulthood stage of her life. It will cause friction between the pair, as they will get to learn important life lessons for the both of them. This is a low budget film that will use the next to no budget to give us the full character development, with the two supporting characters having just as much of an impact on the leads after coming into their lives. This story will have plenty of messages about finding your place in the world, learning what is important going forward and taking the chases given too you.

Final Thoughts Ribbon is a nice life drama about siblings finding their place in the world.

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