Howard Original (2021) Movie Review

Howard Original – Clever Comedy


Director: Natalie Rodriguez

Story and Written By: Kevin Sean Michaels and Natalie Rodriguez 

Starring: Kevin Sean Michaels, Ivon Millan, Alessandra Manon, Natasha Galano, Iliyana Apostolova, Jasmine Richards

Plot: In this award-winning comedy-drama satire about the entertainment industry, a washed-up screenwriter encounters multiple life crises when his pet cat comes to life.

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Howard Original starts when down on his luck screenwriter Howard (Michaels) is looking to make his script Space Cats a film, he has found his own inspiration in his new neighbour turned girlfriend Hannah (Galano). Howard goes through the audition process where he gets to meet a string of actresses for the role, as he continues to learn the different problems he will face when it comes to making a movie.

Thoughts on Howard Original

ThoughtsHoward Original is a comedy that will take a look at the movie making process from the early stages through the eyes of a screenwriter trying to get their vision across to people, be it getting the words on the paper, or have performers say the lines like they imagined it. This will highlight just how determined writers will have to be to make their work seen by the audience and how they want it their way, while showing us the other side of life, what it can take out of people. The deeper side to what has been happening to Howard is filled with the struggles of life. The performances through the film are strong, with the truly funniest scenes being the castings, which bring a different approach to the same scenes.


Howard Original is a clever comedy focusing on the movie writing world.

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