Just Another Dream (2021) Movie Review

Director: Paul Schneider

Writer: Jennifer Nichole Lee (Screenplay)

Starring: Kristy Swanson, Dean Cain, Eugene Brave Rock, Kayden Bryce, Copeland Diver

Plot: When a fateful injury sparks an ordinary girl to have foretelling dreams, she is forced into a race against time to save her family and prove her sanity….or is it JUST ANOTHER DREAM?

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Just Another Dream starts as we meet Anna (Bryce) a teenage girl that starts having dreams of traumatic events, only when one becomes a reality, she must try to convince her family and friends what she saw was real.

Anna reluctantly accepts to go to a hospital where Doctor Jenkins (Cain) can run tests on her, until Anna has a new dream, one that will involve her own family.

Thoughts on Just Another Dream

Characters & Performances – Anna is a teenage girl that starts to have dreams that start coming true, dreams which nobody else will believe her about, she accepts going into a hospital to be studied, until she needs to race against time to save her own family from one of her dreams. Kayden Bryce does a solid job in the leading role, showing how desperate her character is to make things right. Josh is the best friend that is the closest to anyone believing what Anna believes is real, he has a broken past, filled with regret for something that happened in his past. We do meet Anna’s mother more than her father, she doesn’t believe her dreams are real and is becoming tired of hearing about the stories. The performances in the supporting roles are solid enough, with nobody standing out in their roles in the film.

StoryThe story here follows a teenage girl that starts to have dreams of crimes happening and looks to get help, only for her latest dream to involve her family, leading her to race to save them before it is too late. This is an interesting idea for a film, with the ideas of someone seeing the future and wanting to act on changing it, it shows how difficult it can be to get people to believe you and when it gets personal, it will lead to more desperation. That is the more interesting side of the film, where the story can fall shorter is with the set up for the big moment, which seems to have random scenes, which will show each event happening from the different perspectives. Add in the final act, which goes in a direction you wouldn’t expect, leaving you feeling empty by the end of the story.

ThemesJust Another Dream is an action fantasy that will look to show how hopeless someone who has dreams about crime will feel about trying to save people, until their family is in danger, showing them needing to race against time, showing the action side of the film. There are some weak special effects going on through the film, which do take you out of the moments they are being used in the film.


Just Another Dream is an interesting idea that will show how far people will go to save loved one from horrors they believe will happen.

ABC Film Challenge – World Cinema – V – Vanguard (2020) Movie Review

Director: Stanley Tong

Writer: Stanley Tong (Screenplay)

Starring: Jackie Chan, Yang Yang, Lun Ai, Miya Muqi, Rouhan Xu, Jackson Lou

Plot: Covert security company Vanguard is the last hope of survival for an accountant after he is targeted by the world’s deadliest mercenary organization.

Tagline – Protection beyond frontiers
Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Vanguard starts when the vengeful Omar (Hourani) hires the world’s deadliest mercenaries to get revenge on him, looking to kidnap his daughter Fareeda (Xu), a secret security company known as Vanguard led by Tang Huating (Chan) go in search of her to keep her alive with the team of Lei Zhenyu (Yang) and Mi Ya (Muqi).

The Vanguard team get to use their skills to save the day once again, proving they are better as a team than ever on their own, to stop the weapons of mass destruction falling into the wrong hands.

Thoughts on Vanguard

Characters & Performances – Tang Huating runs Vanguard, he will not leave a team member behind or refuses to get involved in the hands on approach is required, his connections from around the world will help him travel between countries. He is a mix of what we have seen in a Bossley from Charlie’s Angels and Grant Tracy from Thunderbirds. Jackie Chan gets moments of conflict, where his comedy timing works with his serious combat well. Lei Zhenyu, Zhang Kaixuan and Mi Ya are the three most trusted agents that will work together to fight for what is right, protect people and save the world, each brings a different skill that will give them the advantage in battle. Yang Yang, Lun Ai and Miya Muqi are great together, they have the chemistry to work together and don’t hold back in the fight scenes. Omar is the terrorist who is out for revenge after his terrorist father is killed by the military, he clashes with Vanguard trying to get the upper hand in his revenge plan.

StoryThe story here follows an elite group of security agents that clash with a terrorist who has taken one of their clients hostage in an attempt to get his hands on weapons of mass destruction. This is a secret agent story like we have seen before, it has elements of Charlie’s Angels (without just being a women team), Thunderbirds, by having a team that have different specialist skills and the old fashion James Bond series. It does all come together nicely for an entertaining film that will be easy to watch, with most of the twists in the story coming from them needing to figure out how to save somebody after the latest clash.

ThemesVanguard does have plenty of action, mixing the martial skills of Chan and his team, we travel around the world like all super spies, but we do have some bad special effects when it comes to the lions involved in the film.

Final Thoughts Vanguard is a fun super spy movie with crazy over the top sequences.

Digging to Death (2021) Movie Review

Director: Michael P Blevins

Writer: Michael P Blevins (Screenplay)

Starring: Ford Austin, Tom Fitzpatrick, Rachel Alig, Richard Riehle, Ken Hudson Campbell, Clint Jung

Plot: David Van Owen moves into a mysterious house and discovers a box buried in his backyard, filled with 3 million dollars and a fresh corpse. David hides the money in the house, only to be stalked by the buried body.

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Digging to Death starts when David Van Owen (Austin) believes he is in line for a big promotion at work, taking a chance to buy a new home, to start a new life, with the support of his daughter Jessica (Alig).

When David looks to do some DIY, he discovers a dead body, surrounded by money, money he looks to keep, only for the body to start haunting him, as his own life soon starts to spiral out of control, leaving questioning just what is real anymore.

Thoughts on Digging to Death

Characters & Performances – David is an app designer that is in line for a big promotion, which is a good way to recover from his divorce, where he buys a new home. When he discovers a pile of money, he starts to become consumed by the money, with the dead body he finds with it haunting him, he becomes convinced everyone is trying to steal his money from him. Ford Austin is great as the man who is starting to lose his mind, bringing the slow breakdown to life. When it comes to the supporting characters, we get the people in David’s life, his daughter, boss, best friend that all want to try to help him and find themselves in the middle of his bigger problems.

StoryThe story here follows a man that moves into a move home, where he finds a secret stash of money, which he looks to keep, only to find himself getting haunted by the dead body he finds with the money, seeing his life spiral out of control. This is an interesting story that will show us how money can see someone change in a way they would never have imagined, showing obsession mixing with mid-life crisis, when things in life go wrong. The slow descent into madness flows nicely, as we get to just understand how much David is starting to lose.

ThemesDigging to Death is a horror thriller that shows how one man starts to lose his mind when he discovers a pile of money and sees himself getting haunted by a dead body. The new home shows that David is adapting to change in his life, reflecting the change he ends up going through.


Digging to Death is a horror that will highlight the spiraling descent into madness.