State (Remix) (2021) Movie Review

Director: Alain Nouvel

Writer: Alain Nouvel (Screenplay)

Starring: Patrick Thomas Cragin, Myles MacVane, Courtney Sturm

Plot: A young veteran, suffering from PTSD, is on the edge. He is caught between his memory and reality. On the day he is returning home, his grandfather, alone and abandoned, recalls his role in altering the trajectory of American history as he prepares to commit suicide. A young woman, the veteran’s girlfriend, did her best to keep an eye on this irascible old man, but what she doesn’t know is that the young man has been back for months, and is on his way home that very day.

Runtime: 1 Hour 3 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: State (Remix) starts when a young man (Cragin) returns from war suffering PTSD he looks to reconnect with his girlfriend (Sturm) who discovers the truth about his time away, which will see the young man return to his Grandfather (MacVane) who has his own story about his time in war, showing how both men have been affected by their time in war.

Thoughts on State (Remix)

ThoughtsState (Remix) is a look at the effects coming back from war has had on a young man, avoiding his loved ones leaving him feeling isolated, not knowing who he can turn to for help in his time of need. This small cast does help contain the story, with the man who knows the suffering the young man has been through, with the young woman who doesn’t want to listen to the truth about what has changed in his life. The big message is strong here, the acting is strong here and the pain being experienced in something nobody should have to go through. This is great storytelling that you can’t help but feel greedy by wanting more from as we see just how one side of the story goes in a direction we wouldn’t have expected and could easily have been explored even more. The film does show us the balance that could happen between reality and what is in someone’s heading doing a great job balancing the ideas of what could be going through the young man’s head, which will create a mystery about what might be real or not.


State (Remix) is a powerful drama highlighting the unseen pain of returning from war.

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