Chance (2019) Movie Review

Chance – Eye Opening

Director: Kenny Roy

Writer: Kenny Young (Screenplay)

Starring: (Voice Talents) Will Cannon, Peppur Chambers, Simone Baker, Eddie Goines

Plot: A peaceful pit bull struggles to maintain his values while surviving in the brutal world of dogfighting.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Chance starts as we see Chance a pup in a pit bull litter, he is a dreamer still looking to learn from his mother before he gets bought and thrown into a pit bull fighting home. Here Chance befriends Sugar and Hannibal, where they learn to fight, looking to survive in this world.

The old Chance gets, the more determined he is to escape and live a life of freedom after seeing the horrors of the fighting pit and heading to haven, a place where dogs can live in peace.

Thoughts on Chance

Characters – Chance is the puppy taken and thrown into the world of dog fighting, he just wants to return to his life away from this world, one where he doesn’t want to fight and even in the ring, he finds a way to not kill. He spends his life searching for freedom to save other dogs, despite seeing the hopelessness the other dogs show in this world. Chance shows us just how innocent the dogs thrown into this world are before they are drained into become the dangerous fighters humans make them. Hannibal and Sugar are the two friends he makes in the pit, they both see his vision and want to support him, but know they must prepare for what could come next. Thor is the dog that teaches Chance how to fight in a deadlier manner, one where he won’t expose his weakness for the other dogs.

StoryThe story here follows a pit bull puppy that is taken from his mother and forced into dog fighter, despite trying to hold onto his dreams of being free from this world. This is not an easy watch for anyone, but it is an important watch, it shows us the brutal reality these dogs will face if they are thrown into the dog fighting world, forced to fight to the death, not given a chance to live their normal life an animal should. This does show the barbaric behaviour humans do towards dogs, giving them little chance of a life, they should have where they can be loved. We do get the clear message here that this film is here to try and help make a change, to stop these horrendous actions happening.

ThemesChance is an animated movie that might not have the standards of animation we would be expecting from the major studios, but it does get over the horrific side to everything that these dogs are being put through, the cuts, wounds and damage show the scars these animals must live through without proper treatment. With the locations being shown as fortress like yards or the fighting pits. Each one will give the dogs little hope of a bright future.

Coming to streaming & cable platforms May 4 and DVD June 8

Chance is a hard hitting highlight to the horrendous actions people do to dogs.

Chance will be available on Amazon Prime Here

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