SAS: Red Notice (2021) Movie Review

SAS: Red Notice – By the Book Action Film

Director: Magnus Martens

Writer: Laurence Malkin (Screenplay) Andy McNab (Novel)

Starring: Sam Heughan, Ruby Rose, Andy Serkis, Hannah John-Kamen, Tom Hopper, Noel Clarke, Owain Yeoman, Tom Wilkinson

Plot: A small army of well trained criminals led by Laszlo Antonov have hijacked a train deep beneath the English Channel.

Runtime: 2 Hours 3 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: SAS: Red Notice starts when a group of mercenaries led by William Lewis (Wilkinson) are hired to eliminate a village, only to get exposed by the survivors, leading to the British government needing to clean up the connections, ordering a Red Notice on William and his troops, including his daughter Grace (Rose).
Tom Buckingham (Heughan) is part of the team looking to taken them out, with the plan not going well, as Grace escape, while Tom is looking to take his girlfriend Dr Sophie Hart (John-Kamen) or Paris, he finds himself in the middle of the latest mission from Grace and her team, where Tom will use his own skills to try and rescue as many people as he can.

Thoughts on SAS: Red Notice

Characters & Performances – Tom Buckingham is from a wealthy family but is one of the best soldiers the British military has, he has an ability to sense trouble and will use his skills to make sure he can trouble before it happens. He is also trying to settle down in his personal life with his girlfriend, which will see the two lives cross when he is on the ground when the Channel tunnel train is held hostage. He will come off like John McClane, always ahead of the game surviving against the odds. Sam Heughan does bring this upper-class soldier to life with ease, giving us the action man we would expect to see. Grace Lewis is the daughter of the mercenary team that is being hunted down, with her plan to make sure she gets the truth exposed for the work the British paid her team to do. She demands to be in control and does get frustrated with her teams lack of ability to stop Tom. Ruby Rose is great in this role, with her action skills coming to the front of the performance along with her characters cold deliver. Dr Sophie Hart is the girlfriend of Tom’s she is always wanting to know more about his life, knowing she comes from a career which looks to save lives, not take them, she becomes on of the hostages on the train, where she is given her own chance to try and figure out how to survive, knowing Tom will come for her. Hannah John-Kamen does well in her role here, showing the strength against the force that will kill to stay in control. We do get plenty of military figures through the film which will all be trying to solve the problem, along with the host of mercenaries for Tom to do battle with.

StoryThe story here follows the daughter of a red noticed mercenary group that is on the run, but looking for her own way of getting revenge on the British Government that turned on her family, who holds them hostage in the Channel Tunnel, only to find herself up against a special forces solider trying to protect his girlfriend. The basic core ingredients of this film do feel like we are watching the old Die Hard in the Channel Tunnel idea, villain with masterplan that comes up against one person that will look to ruin said plan. This side of the story is the most entertaining, it is easy to watch, but the overuse of the who is the insider does seem to go on way longer than it needs to leaving us not caring about anything the military are doing on the outside. The desire that Grace shows does help us want to see if her plan can come through, almost offering her more sympathy than it should too.

ThemesSAS: Red Notice is an action film which will have plenty of military based action, with strategically positioning for battles, the singular location of being on the train in the channel tunnel does contain the action, giving the villains the major advantage on the situation too.


SAS: Red Notice is an enjoyable easy to watch action film in the Die Hard mold.

ABC Film Challenge – Action – # – 10 Minutes Gone (2019) Movie Review

Director: Brian A Miller

Writer: Kelvin Mao, Jeff Jingle (Screenplay)

Starring: Bruce Willis, Michael Chiklis, Meadow Williams, Kyle Schmid, Texas Battle, Lydia Hull

Plot: A crime thriller that centers on a man whose memory has been lost due to a bank heist gone wrong. The character will need to piece together the missing 10 minutes from his memory in order to determine who sabotaged him.

Tagline – Keep your enemies close.

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Badly Shot Cliché

Story: 10 Minutes Gone starts when Frank (Chiklis) puts together a team to rob a bank for Rex (Willis) to get a bigger deal done, while the deal doesn’t go as planned, Frank finds himself knocked out and his brother dead, needing to track down the case.

Frank must go on the run as he searches for the missing case, while having Rex’s employers start hunting him down, before he gets eliminated by more power people that want the case.

Thoughts on 10 Minutes Gone

Characters – Rex has been hired to arrange a team to complete a heist, he is the middle man and once things go wrong he needs to send his fixer to clean up the mess, not knowing who he can trust to bring him the case. Frank is the man that is hired, he brings in his brother to run point, uses the normal team and is considered one of the most professional men in the business. He must search the city for his crew to find out who took the case from him and left everyone trying to kill him. We have the girlfriend Claire who must work with Frank, Ivory the fixer for Rex that is hunting Frank and Richard who has hired Rex knowing he should be the best in the business.

PerformancesWhatever happened to Bruce Willis, that is the question we must ask because he portrays one of the blandest character you could have ever seen in this film, while Michael Chiklis does the best he can with his thief looking to clean up. The rest of the cast struggle to make an impact in any of the roles in the film.

StoryThe story here follows the leader of a heist that has gone in searching for the rest of his team once the latest job goes wrong, trying to figure out who was behind the problems, while his own boss is searching for the package. This is a story that is meant to give us a few twists along the way, it shows how if you have too many people involved in a large robbery, you will never know who to trust. If we are being honest, this is a messily shot story that is all over the place, we have a whole sequence of someone watching the news about what had happened, even though we have just seen the events for the last hour. It wants to be so slick and ends up sliding downhill quickly.

Action/MysteryThe action in the film is slow, we have shootouts which go nowhere, with people missing badly all over the place, it isn’t even remotely close, with the mystery only being about who took the score.

SettingsThe film uses Cincinnati city as the background to make use feel like we are in the big screen, while not giving us anything to make the locations feel fresh.

Scene of the Movie – Nope, nothing here.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – Camera work.

Final Thoughts This is poor action film that is completely sluggish, poorly shot, poorly acted and instantly forgettable.

Overall: Instantly Forgettable.