Stealing Chaplin (2020) Movie Review

Stealing Chaplin – Enjoyable Comedy


Director: Paul Tanter

Writer: Doug Phillips (Screenplay)

Starring: Simon Phillips, Anne-Carolyne Binette, Doug Phillips, Bianca Katz, Ken Bressers, Wayne Newton, Al Sapienza

Plot: Two brothers plot to steal the body of Charlie Chaplin and ransom is for a fortune.

Runtime: 1 Hour 45 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Stealing Chaplin starts when a pair of con-artist brothers Cal (Simon Phillips) and Terry (Doug Phillips) need to find a way to make $30,000 for a loan shark they once borrowed money from a ruthless gangster, they must think quickly.

The pair come up with a scheme to steal the body a Charlie Chaplin, hoping to hold it for ransom to clear their debts. Only with the body missing the whole town becomes obsessed with finding the body or cashing in themselves on the reward.

Thoughts on Stealing Chaplin

Characters & Performances – Cal is the brains behind the two brothers, he is always thinking on his feet, while needing to cover up for his brother’s big mouth. He will look to talk out the troubles they find themselves in, while also trying to win the heart of a local waitress, he does act more like the carer of Terry along the way. Terry is the brother that isn’t as smart and ends up giving away most of the information the pair look to keep secret and ends up putting the pair in bigger trouble. Simon and Doug Phillips are great together in this film, showing the natural chemistry. Helen is the waitress that has seen everyone come through the city getting used to the stories being told by visitors and ending up getting involved in the brother’s plan. Bianca Katz is great in her role, which is filled with the most innocent nature in the film. Billy is the gangster that wants the money and will use all the threats to make sure he gets what he believes is his, holding the brothers up for everything they owe, using his connections to stay ahead of them. Al Sapienza does make for the great mob boss figure that will do strike fear into people. We do meet a host of different people involved in the film, with most of the characters adding a few extra laughs along the way.

StoryThe story here follows a couple of con-artist brothers that find themselves owing a lot of money and turning to stealing the body of Charlie Chaplin to cash in on any reward, which will see more eyes turned towards them. This is a crime comedy that will show the brothers getting caught up in the middle of their latest scheme, leaving them in more trouble than they started in, showing how different people will come out of the woodwork in search of money. We get plenty of twists along the way, as the different people join the crime world appear. We will be kept guessing as to how everything ends up unfolding along the way.

ThemesStealing Chaplin is set in Vegas, which will show us just how many different characters you will find in the city that never sleeps, adding to the comedy along the way, as well as highlighting the criminal underworld going on.


Stealing Chaplin is a fun crime comedy that shows the excellent chemistry between the real life brothers.

ABC Film Challenge – Action – Y – The Operative (2019) Movie Review

Director: Yuval Adler

Writer: Yuval Adler (Screenplay) Yiftach R Atir (Novel)

Starring: Diane Kruger, Martin Freeman, Cas Anvar, Rotem Keinan, Lana Ettinger

Plot: A woman is recruited by the Mossad to work undercover in Tehran.

Runtime: 1 Hour 56 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Stuck in First Gear

Story: The Operative starts when handler Thomas (Freeman) is called back into action when his operative Rachel (Kruger) contacts him, which sees her needing to go back undercover getting close to Farhad (Anvar) in Iran.

As Rachel complete her mission, we flashback to how she completed the mission, as Thomas is filling in the blanks that he was made aware of during the mission, showing how difficult to control.

Thoughts on The Operative

Final Thoughts The Operative is a spy thriller that doesn’t get into the interesting side of the movie quick enough, with most of the film being circling around, you must talk to this person or that person, we never get into any situation which sees us believing Rachel is under any sort of peril, leaving us feel like nothing it happening. This isn’t against the performance of Kruger, because she does all she can with the poorly written character, Martin Freeman does feel like more of a footnote, with most of his character being someone looking back on events, when it seems like he could have a lot more to do. In the end this is one of the dullest spy thrillers you will see, never capturing any of the tension it seems to want to imply.

Overall: Dull.

Pipeline (2021) Movie Review

Director: Emily Aguilar

Writer: Emily Aguilar (Screenplay)

Starring: Yvonne Bowser-Caballero, Keaton Ray, Justin Sisk, Ashna Sharan, Cristian Linares, Mikayla Kelley, Shannon Scully, Marc Goodman

Plot: A family residence is taken over by a blood thirsty pipe monster who awaits those who step inside. Without the ability to leave, the family must do what they can to survive in this blood-ridden home luring in “renters” as bait.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Pipeline starts when seven friends Nicole (Bowser-Caballero), Chris (Ray), Kyle (Sisk), Jena (Sharan), Justin (Linares), Erica (Kelley) and Alexis (Scully) head off to a music festival, renting a home nearby for the weekend of Merlin (Goodman).

When the party starts before the festival, the friends find themselves starting to get picked off by an unknown force that has been feeding on the renters in the house for years.

Thoughts on Pipeline

Characters & Performances – Nicole is the one that is hosting the weekend for the friends, bringing her friends along the way. She might well be the leader in the group, but deep down we do end up going through the generic group of young adults looking for a fun weekend, none of the characters get any real development, other than a few drunken stories along the way. There does seem to be a lack of natural chemistry between the friends, which can reflect in the performances that are mostly just fine, never getting into the levels required to make this anywhere near a terrifying experience.

StoryThe story her follows seven friends who look to have a fun weekend away at a music festival renting a house to get through the weekend away, only nothing goes to plan as an evil presence is in the home. This does the build up of meeting the friends and creates the moments of the unknown looking to pick off the friends through the pipes with a twist in the story that will lead to a more difficult horror in life. While this story is a simple one to watch for a horror, it makes sure to give us more of the unknown over than just spoon feeding the outcome.

ThemesPipeline is a horror that keep the evil within the darkness, while also putting them in locations you think would be safe, which is a hard trick, we get the blood involved for what is happening, without showing us aftermath rather than the attacks. The location keeps us in the singular home which is new to the people that has something involved to keep the evil contained.


Pipeline is an easy watch horror that gets the blood splatter and suspense.