Alien Conquest (2021) Movie Review

Director: Mario N Bonassin

Writer: Joe Roche (Screenplay)

Starring: Emily Killian, Anthony Jensen, Tom Sizemore, Michael DeVorzon, Emma Nasfell, DeAngelo Davis, Paulina Nguyen

Plot: Sibling astronomers discover Martians are threatening to attack Earth, but no one believes them-until Martians land and nearly destroy all of New York City.

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Alien Conquest starts when sibling astronomers Allison (Killian) and Henry (Jensen) discover a strange object in Earth atmosphere, before General Reed (Sizemore) arrives to use their observatory to see what is coming.

When the aliens arrive they start trying to eliminate the human population, with Allison and Henry on their own separate journeys looking to pass on the advice they need to defeat the alien invaders.

Thoughts on Alien Conquest

ThoughtsAlien Conquest is the latest Asylum movie which is using the big budget idea giving it the limited resources which will leave the film feeling completely short. This time an alien invasion along the line of War of the Worlds (Which is the UK title of the film) mixed with the modern technology ideas of being able to see the attack coming. It follows a pair of siblings that look to solve the problem, while the military just fight, this will lead them on their own journeys which will go to and from the same location, never really getting very far other than walking around the countryside. We don’t get much fresh to the approach or with how the destruction goes on, leading to this being more left to the imagination than the bigger action moments. The performances don’t help the film, where even the cameo like performance from Tom Sizemore doesn’t add anything to the overreacting going on through the film.

Final Thoughts Alien Conquest is the typical low budget sci-fi movie that lacks the mega destruction you would imagine.

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