Making the Day (2021) Movie Review

Making the Day – Brilliant

Director: Michael Canzoniero

Writer: Michael Canzoniero (Screenplay)

Starring: Steven Randazzo, Sondra James, Aubrey Hardwick, Juliette Bennett, Gus Randazzo, Dan Fogler, Natalie Knepp, Timothy Levitch

Plot: A has-been character actor attempts to complete a movie honoring his deceased wife, when divine intervention leads him to a free-spirited actress who just might be his perfect leading lady.

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Making the Day starts as we meet Nick Fazio (Randazzo) who along with his son Tommy (Randazzo) visiting the grave of their wife and mother, as Nick continues to battle to get his script turned into a movie. The financial side of the script is becoming more difficult turning to different producers hoping to get the move made in his wife memory.

Once Nick gets the funds, he starts looking to make his movie, despite struggling to find the leading role of Lisa that is based on his late wife, until he meets struggling actress Samantha Vanderputten (Bennett), as it could be her big break.

Thoughts on Making the Day

Characters & Performances – Nick Fazio is a has-been character actor whose career supported his family, where he worked with the Hollywood elite. He has always had a dream of making a film about how he met his late wife, he spends most of his time trying to secure financial backing for the film, a challenge which is seeing him take on his connections he has made through the years. He is reaching his limits about getting in made, even if it is the most important part of his life. Steven Randazzo brings his years of experience to the role, where he does give one of the best performances of the year. Samantha Vanderputten is the actress that is struggling to make an impact in New York, getting bit parts here and there, always finding herself being disappointed with what she gets, she has the script fall at her feet and starts doing everything she can to help make this picture, proving she is as determined to get the lead role in a movie, showing the pure dedication required to be part of the industry. Juliette Bennett is wonderful too in her role, showing us just how easily an actress can feel chewed up in the system, but will keep fighting for their own dream. When we dive into the rest of the cast, we get the loyal agent Mike that is always trying to find connections for Nick, knowing what this means to him, we also get the connections that Nick has made through the years, showing us how important making friends in the industry really is and we get the shady figure that has put money in the film that wants it back. The performances from the whole cast are wonderful to watch, each person gives us a performances that feels nature for the conversation and environment.

StoryThe story here follows a has-been character actor that is looking to make a movie to honour his late wife, but has been struggling to find the financial support to make this a reality. He does meet a struggling actress that is willing to help him find the money to make this dream a reality, but can he follow her passion to make his dream a reality. This story does give us an important insight into the actors that take on the smaller roles in films, the ones that could make a big impact, but don’t always get the recognition. We see how losing a loved one will bring to life a dream to honour them in a different way and the connections an actor makes could help make their dream a reality. The whole story does give us a look at how difficult making a movie can be without the right financial connections. As is the troubles an actor could face to try and get their break, with the endless amounts of misleading meetings or roles, with the positive motivation being the most important part of chasing the dream.

ThemesMaking the Day is a drama about making a movie honour a late relative, we use the New York setting showing us the different locations people might turn for financial backing, with behind the scenes on other movies, looking for the connections to help. The locations help us see how each different person involved in making a film works in to make their part important.


Making the Day is one of the most essential films to watch this year, filled with heart, soul and dreams from the people that don’t get the praise they deserve in the film making process.

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