Safer At Home – Release News

Signature Entertainment presents Safer At Home on Digital Platforms 3rd May


 It has been 3 years since COVID-19 ravaged the world. In order to control mass panic and the virus in America, LA has become a police state. The message is “You are safer at home”.

To escape reality, a group of friends arrange an online party. With music, games and drugs on the menu, the evening is set to be unforgettable for all the right reasons. As night falls and the party is well underway the realities of the world come crashing in and the homes they considered safe become a haven to a relentless bloody attack on the senses.

Safer At Home has an ensemble cast featuring Alisa Allapach (Kingdom), Adwin Brown (Netflix’s YOU), Jocelyn Hudon (Netflix’ THE ORDER), Dan J. Johnson (Escape Room), Michael Kupisk (Fright Fest),Emma Lahana (Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger) and Daniel Robaire (The Kids Are Alright), it was written and directed by Will Wernick, with additional writing from Lia Bozonelis & John Ierardi.

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