Trailer Alert – Eddie Murphy: Laugh ‘Til it Hurts

Almost six decades later Eddie Murphy remains loved by fans for his infectious smile and goofy laugh.

Learn about many challenges Eddie is faced with along his way to stardom as Eddie continues to make

his fans Laugh ‘Til it Hurts.

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Heavy Duty Lovers (2021) Movie Review

Heavy Duty Lovers – Fun Rom Com

Director: Luis Estrada, Lou Pizarro

Writer: Luis Estrada, Lou Pizarro, Peter Fernandez (Screenplay)

Starring: Lou Pizarro, Lucia Blok, Leni Rico, Zamara Jimenez, Eric Roberts, David Plascencia

Plot: L.A. attorney finds himself with a broken heart and thinks his life is over until he meets his soulmate from a different country, who has just experienced the same heart broken experience from her evil spouse. They are about to realize that the one thing that cost their spouses to abandoned them is also the one thing that will bring them together, “food”.

Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Heavy Duty Lovers starts as we meet Lou (Pizarro) a LA attorney that is excellent at his job, but he does enjoy his food, with his wife, boss Mr Peters (Roberts) and co-workers questioning his weight. Elena (Blok) is a tour guide in Mexico who is also suffering from the same pressure that Lou does, with both seeing their relationships falling apart.

When Lou’s daughter and Elena’s friend set up accounts on the dating website Heavy Duty Lovers, the pair reluctantly agree to talk and get to know each other, falling in love over their fondness of food.

Thoughts on Heavy Duty Lovers

ThoughtsHeavy Duty Lovers follows two people who enjoy their food that have seen their lives suffer because of the people around them, be it partners, co-workers or even boss, despite having a friend around them that will support their kind-nature. They need to find love, like anyone, which will see them turning to a dating site, that will offer them a chance to fall in love with a like-minded people. The characters that are mean towards the pair, are the type of people they don’t need in their lives, because they are good people that just want a good life. The performances from the two leads are strong throughout, but when we get into the supporting roles, some of them don’t hit the same standards as the leading pair. It does have an important message about treating people equal no matter what they look like. The twin locations show us the busy life in LA compared to the more relaxed life in Mexico, even though it is a tourist style visit. The film does use film references that will play into the comedy, as the quotes are ones we are all meant to know.


Heavy Duty Lovers is a fun romantic comedy that will get the laughs and carries a big heart.

ABC Film Challenge – Favourites – E – Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Movie Thoughts

ABC Film Challenge

Favourite Films


Edge of Tomorrow

Why I’ve Picked this choiceEdge of Tomorrow follows a media relation military major Cage (Tom Cruise) that gets thrown into the front line of the war against an alien species that is dominating the war, only he dies. Cage wakes up the day before, finding himself knowing what will happen in the battle, trying to explain this to people, he finds himself making enemies until he meets the super soldier Rita (Emily Blunt). Rita also experienced the same experience and helps Cage learn to lead the fight to win the war once and for all.

This is a big sci-fi action film that isn’t afraid to show us the brutal death scenes, adds humour to what is happening, despite the brutality of them. This is a film that under performed at the box office, but people talk about know as one of the best modern-day sci-fi movies.

It has become one of the films that is easy to watch, made Emily Blunt a true action star and is one that we could get a sequel out of one day, one that we deserve a sequel too.

Here are the Young Men – Release News

Signature Entertainment presents Here are the Young Men on Digital Platforms 30th April

Synopsis: Here Are The Young Men is a fresh and shocking Irish thriller featuring an all-star cast including Dean Charles Chapman (Game of Thrones, 1917), Finn Cole (Peaky Blinders), Golden Globe(™) winner Anya Taylor-Joy (The Queen’s Gambit, Emma), Emmett J Scanlan (Peaky Blinders), Travis Fimmel (Vikings, Danger Close), Ferdia Walsh-Peelo (Sing Street) and Conleth Hill (Game of Thrones).

Dublin 2003. Aimless teenager Matthew (Chapman) and his disaffected friends leave school into a social vacuum of drink, drugs and thrill-seeking in one last Summer of adolescence. Matthew romantically yearns after his free-spirited friend Jen (Taylor-Joy) and struggles to maintain his increasingly disturbing relationship with the magnetic but sadistic Kearney (Cole). Whilst their precocious friend Rez (Walsh Peelo) has started to succumb to paranoia and depression. Matthew and the group are soon led by the deranged Kearney into a world of nihilistic violence, falling into shocking acts of transgression that will irrevocably change their lives.

Here Are The Young Men is written and directed by Eoin Macken from the novel of the same name by Rob Doyle. 

Sill images from the 2018 Movie Here Are The Young Men

Final Days – Release News

Signature Entertainment presents Final Days on DVD and Digital Platforms 12th April

Synopsis: A world in chaos, a pandemic left unchecked and humanity on the brink of extinction… This is no time to be alone! As a deadly virus turns humanity into bloodthirsty plague carriers, it’s a fight for survival. Aiden (Tyler Posey – Teen Wolf) awakes to discover the world he knew overnight has become an apocalyptic nightmare. Locked in his apartment alone, he soon begins to lose all sense of time and as food runs out he must face the world in order to survive…  Is there anyone out there and can they in turn be trusted?

Also starring Summer Spiro (Westworld) and Donald Sutherland (The Hunger Games).