All in Good Taste (1983) Movie Review

Director: Anthony Kramreither

Writer: Rick Green, Anthony Kramreither (Screenplay)

Starring: Jonathan Welsh, Harvey, Jack Creley, Jim Carrey, Linda Rennhofer, James B Douglas, Joanne Kirwan-Clarke

Plot: A filmmaker is upset to find out that his wholesome script about an orphan and his dog has been warped into a film about … strippers?!!


Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Flat Out Dreadful

Story: All in Good Taste starts when screenwriter Timothy (Welsh) is trying to get his script sold, only for the studio boss Cochrane (Atkin) wanting him to write a more raunchy script for a film that could sell on sex and nudity, wanting him to write a film about strippers.

The more producers Timothy meets, the more he spirals down the hole of being pushed into writing a nudity sex sold movie, which only frustrates him.

Thoughts on All in Good Taste

Final Thoughts This is bar far one of the worst movies I have ever seen, the poster does have Jim Carrey’s face plastered all over it, yet he is barely in it and made this before he was a famous comedian, let alone actor. We spend most of this film just having cut flash sequences which are just women dancing around in different states of undress, while it might have the bigger message that Hollywood is only interested in making sex sell, but it was one of the hardest movies to get through, just because of how obsessed with sex it wants to be.

Overall: Beyond Awful

About Hope (2020) Movie Review

Director: David D Dietrich

Writer: David D Dietrich, Cyndi Monroe (Screenplay)

Starring: Justin Ray, Christine Juarbe, Aaron Groben, Claire Bermingham, Katy Bodenhamer, Vicky Dawson

Plot: Thomas McKenzie has been searching for the perfect girl his whole life. When he meets two women who pique his interest he learns that the love we are searching for is not always the true love that makes us whole.

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: About Hope starts as we meet photographer Thomas (Ray who has spent his whole life making a list of a perfect women, always finding a problem with ever women that comes into his life, until he meets Hope Sanchez (Juarbe) a widowed mother that the two click instantly, with family connections from her move to town.

As Thomas and Hope look like things are going well, Thomas meets Hope’s latest clients Desiree Sinclaire (Bermingham) who just so happens to look identical to a painting Thomas drew, leaving him in a position of trying to figure out what he wants most from his life.

Thoughts on About Hope

Characters & Performances – Thomas McKenzie grew up believing he would need to find the perfect girl, now women to be happy, he has passed on every date that came his way because there was always a flaw, he has made a career in the photography, which has seen Hope walk into his life, leaving him questioning everything about his lists and how far he needs to go in his career. Justin Ray gives us a performance which will see him need to balance the comedy, with the man that can’t take enough of life seriously. Hope Sanchez is the widowed mother that has moved to town to grow her business while raising her daughter, she does find herself getting along with Thomas, which could see her open up once again in her life. Christine Juarbe is great in this role, showing the sparks flying, while holding the reluctance to let someone in after her previous experiences. Desiree Sinclaire is the author that Hope might start selling their latest book, she happens to be everything that Thomas has dreamed off and offers to take Thomas under her wing to further his career, having her eye on him too. Claire Bermingham does make her character come to life with her celebrity style to the role. We do also meet the family and friends of both Thomas and Hope that will add comedy and help direct the pair in the right directions in life.

StoryThe story here follows a photographer who has created an unrealistic list of what he wants in a perfect woman, rejecting any that come into his life that don’t meet his criteria must change his mindset when he meets the beautiful Hope who brings a new spark to his life, only for his choices to get mixed up when his career could take off after meeting another woman. This is one of the more by the book romantic comedies, following a guy that needs to become realistic when it comes to meeting someone in his life, instead of putting together a list of what he wants, proving love will work in strange ways, that nobody can explain, but by the end, it will give you the strongest emotions of joy and pain.

ThemesAbout Hope brings us a romantic comedy that does bring us strong supporting character laughs, which will give the leads the romantic side, which does give us a natural look at how quickly love can happen around the right people.

About Hope is a fun easy to watch romantic comedy that will bring the love to life, with laughs from the joyful supporting characters.