Rattlers 2 (2020) Movie Review

Director: Dustin Ferguson

Writer: Josh Price, Lee Turner (Screenplay)

Starring: Mel Novak, Brinke Stevens, Dawna Lee Heising, Jennifer Nangle, Shawn C Phillips, Julie Anna Prescott, Peter Stickles, Mercedes Peterson

Plot: A series of fatal rattlesnake attacks in the California desert re-opens an investigation that began 45 years ago.

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Rattlers 2 starts when a small desert town and surrounding area starts to see a fresh set of fatal rattlesnake attacks, with large numbers striking the local area and Sheriff Wilson (Carney) looking to protect the area before the body count adds up.

As the body do sadly pile up, the snakes start to take over the town with the battle to save the people before it is too late.

Thoughts on Rattlers 2

ThoughtsRattlers 2 is a film that is paying full-blown respect to the 1970’s B-movie that knows they don’t have the money to go big, but do end up have a big body count to give us screams coming from each corner of the film. This is going to be one film that is only going to be enjoyed by the fans of the B-movie fans, it doesn’t give us enough time to get invested in the characters with most characters we meet are being used as disposable to create the big body count. This will go down as a film you could easily watch late at night and will give us entertainment.

Final Thoughts Rattlers 2 is a late-night horror treat.

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