Sator – Release News

Release Date – Sator will be available on Digital Download from February 15th and on DVD from February 22nd.

Synopsis – This chilling and atmospheric slice of slow-burn horror is set in a desolate forest, where a broken family is being observed by Sator; a supernatural entity who is attempting to claim them.

Written, directed and produced over five years by first time director Jordan Graham, Sator enjoyed a successful worldwide premiere at Fantasia and UK premiere at Abertoir Horror Festival.

Schemers (2019) Movie Review

Schemers will be available on DVD & Digital Download 25th January

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Director: Dave Mclean

Writer: Dave Mclean, Khaled Spiewak, Kyle Titterton (Screenplay)

Starring: Conor Berry, Sean Connor, Grant Robert Keelan, Tara Lee, Kit Clark, Blair Robertson

Plot: His football career over, Davie starts promoting gigs in Dundee with two friends, leading to a hugely ambitious Iron Maiden show. Out of his depth and in debt with gangster Fergie, Davie needs to pull off the biggest scheme of his life.

Tagline – Always let ambition blind ability.

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Schemers starts as Davie (Berry) sees his football career end with a leg break, looking to get back on with his life, he teams up with his two friends Scot (Connor) and John (Keelan) in an attempt to start working on hosting gigs around Dundee, only he must work within the…

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The Banishing (2020) Release News

Shudder & Vertigo Releasing Present – The Banishing

Release DateTHE BANISHING will be released in cinemas and on digital platforms March 26th 2021

Synopsis – 1930s, England. Linus, his wife Marianne and their daughter Adelaide move into town, where Linus has been posted as the new reverend. He’s been tasked by the Church to renew the villagers’ faith, which has been lost after the disappearance of the previous reverend’s family, who lived in the very same mysterious manor where Linus and his family have settled into. Soon after their arrival, strange events start to occur: ghostly voices, dark figures dressed as monks, mysterious totems, and Adelaide’s behavior becoming stranger by the day. It soon becomes clear that a malicious entity seeks to possess Adelaide and that the Church is hiding a terrible secret…

THE BANISHING has a terrific cast, including Downton Abbey’s Brown Findlay as a young woman uncovering dark secrets in her new home; Sean Harris (Red Riding, Mission: Impossible) as ghost hunter Harry Price; and John Lynch (Isolation) as a sinister ‘man of God’. Smith expertly delivers a handsomely mounted period mystery, based around the spooky real life Borley Rectory tale, that steadily builds to a satisfying climax, twanging the nerves along the way, with creepy dolls, shadowy figures, religious mania and the terror of madness. A story of isolation and a family strained to breaking point, THE BANISHING is the perfect lockdown-era chiller for fans of spine-tinglers like The Others and Rebecca.

Ten Minutes to Midnight (2020) Movie Review

Director: Erik Bloomquist

Writer: Erik Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist (Screenplay)

Starring: Caroline Williams, Nicole Kang, Nicholas Tucci, William Youmans, Adam Weppler, Alice Kremelberg

Plot: Bitten by a rabid bat, a late-night radio host terrorizes her co-workers as she slowly transforms into a vampire.

Runtime: 1 Hour 13 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Ten Minutes to Midnight starts when late-night radio host Amy Marlowe (Williams) gets bitten before her show, she starts to learn that her boss Robert or Bob (Youmans) has bought in a younger presenter Sienna (Kang) to learn of Amy, potentially replace her in the future.

As the night unfolds Amy sees herself going through strange visions, with her usual co-workers acting differently, not knowing if the bite has anything to do with it.

Thoughts on Ten Minutes to Midnight

Characters & Performances – Amy Marlowe is the late-night talk show host that has been doing it for years, she has been bitten before work, which will be what drives her questionable actions for the rest of the night, where she doesn’t know what is real or not. Caroline Williams shows the range for this role, which shows the professional figure, the experienced person and the one losing their mind with ease. Sienna is the young replacement that is being lined up for Amy’s show, she doesn’t look for advice, but is more interested in stepping on people to get to the top, becoming the primary target for Amy’s rage. We do meet the other people from around the studio, the producer on the show, the manager, the creepy security guard, who all have been working with Amy for years and know how important she is. Each of the performers give us strong performances, running with the quirks about their characters through the film.

StoryThe story here follows an aging radio talk-show host that gets bitten before work, as she learns that she might be getting replaced and the night spirals out of control. This is a story that focuses on one woman going through a life change that goes hand in hand with another change that is going on in her life, which does see her latest show going in a direction she just doesn’t understand, playing out the wakey night in different eyes. We do get certain moments that click really well and others that seem to miss, but the crazy storyline just makes everything more appealing.

ThemesTen Minutes to Midnight is a horror that will dive into the mindset of one person that will drive them through a different horror situation, with everything taking place in the radio station over one night.

Ten Minutes to Midnight is a wakey horror that will dive into the madness of the mind during a big life change.

ABC Film Challenge – Catch Up 2020 – N – A Score to Settle (2019) Movie Review

This is under N because of Nicolas Cage.

Director: Shawn Ku

Writer: Shawn Ku, John Stuart Newman (Screenplay)

Starring: Nicholas Cage, Benjamin Bratt, Noah Le Gros, Karolina Wydra, Mohamed Karim

Plot: An ex-enforcer for a local crime syndicate has vowed to enact retribution on his mob bosses after 19 years of wrongful imprisonment. The only thing diverting his violent plans is a new found relationship to his beloved son.

Tagline – Revenge is coming.

Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Strange Movie

Story: A Score to Settle starts when Frank (Cage) gets released from prison due to his medical condition, he wants to reunite with his son Joey (Gros) to make up for the lost time with him and starts making enquires about his former boss, the man who he took the fall for.

As the reunions continue, Frank must decide to go out for revenge or look for peace in his life, leaving the world his own way.

Thoughts on A Score to Settle

Characters – Frank is an ex-con that is being released from prison after taking the fall for his boss, he wants to reunite with his son and look for the people who left him in to rot in prison for longer than promised. He is torn between fixing the past or moving forward with future, even if he doesn’t have much time left in his life. Q is the man that used to work with Frank, he is out of the business now and is helping Frank with the connections with the underworld. Joey is Frank’s son that has come to him in an attempt to help him get back on his feet, the two are making up for lost time, with Joey showing how hard he has worked to get out of his own hole. We do meet other people involved in the world, with most being in a position where they are out of the world or higher than they deserve.

PerformancesNicolas Cage is the main reason people will watch this film and this one is saved from being terrible with his odd ball actions through the film. Noah Le Gros does well next to Cage, but the rest of the cast are mostly forgettable through the film.

StoryThe story here follows an ex-con who is released and looks to make up for lost time with his son and looks to get revenge on the people that took this time from him. This does look like one of the standard get out of prison and get revenge movies, only it does end up taking things in a different direction, this works for the final third of the film and saves everything from being completely bland, which the first two thirds are, there just isn’t a spark in the reunion as you always feel like something isn’t quite right and are waiting to see what it is, most of the people seem to be acting like they are out of the business, where they end up being just a quick conversation without going any further.

ActionThe action is very simply, not much, we have shoot outs that don’t bring anything original to the table.

SettingsThe film puts Frank in the high rent apartment for a good time a moment of luxury with his son and with his first time since prison, other nothing else seem fresh for locations.

Scene of the Movie – Defeating the dragon.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – It just doesn’t feel connected in how the story unfolds.

Final Thoughts This is Nicolas Cage trying to save a movie without getting the chance to make the impact being the only redeeming factor in the whole film.

Overall: Disappointing Thriller.