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Sister of the Groom (2020) Movie Review

Director: Amy Miller Gross

Writer: Amy Miller Gross (Screenplay)

Starring: Alicia Silverstone, Tom Everett Scott, Mathilde Ollivier, Julie Engelbrecht, Mark Blum, Jake Hoffman

Plot: Liam is set to wed a younger French girl, Clemence, in the Hamptons. His sister, Audrey, and her husband, Ethan, drive to attend, yet Audrey’s motives are likely to stop the wedding. Audrey and Clemence do not get along, as Clemence, a perfect gorgeous French woman, reminds Audrey of her own imperfections. Feelings of jealousy due to her own lost opportunities, uncertainty of herself and 40 years of lifetime choices could explode and scorch her new sister-in-law. 

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Sister of the Groom starts as Audrey (Silverstone) is return with her husband Ethan (Scott) for her brother’s Liam (Hoffman) wedding to the beautiful French woman Clemence (Ollivier), a woman Audrey hasn’t ever met before, which has caused more problems for Audrey who is still wanting to know more about the family before being as accepting of the wedding.

As the ceremony gets closer the tension between Audrey and Clemence increase, as Audrey needs to face her own imperfection and how she is struggling with reaching 40 and will need to learn to make the weekend the perfect time for her brother.

Thoughts on Sister of the Groom

Characters – Audrey is about to hit 40 and is seeing her brother getting married on the same day, she is worried about meeting the new family and she doesn’t get along with them at first, which is more of a reflection of her own insecurities in life. Ethan is Audrey’s husband that is always there to support him, but even he is struggling with the behaviour going into this weekend. Liam is the brother that is getting married and is looking to keep both his sister and wife to be happy going into the big day. Clemence is the French wife to be that hasn’t ever met the family before and being younger, she has her own plans for her big day, ones that clash with Audrey.

PerformancesAlicia Silverstone in the leading role does have to do most of the work with her characters facing a life crisis, but never comes off as strong as she could, with the rest of the cast struggling to make an impact either.

StoryThe story follows a sister returning home for her brother’s wedding meeting the future wife for the first time and not everything goes to plan. The story does seem to look to take a bigger focus on the sister and not getting into a true rivalry between the two, despite the tension being there between the two. We are focusing more on the mid-life crisis Audrey is going through, which will see her do something horrendous to a family member.

Comedy/RomanceThe comedy does miss more than hits, we only few laughs needed, with the romance being more of what ifs, not anything we get behind.

SettingsThe film is set in the one location, the family home, which is where the wedding is going to take place.

Scene of the Movie – Final act.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – Wedding cake decision from Audrey is awful.

Final Thoughts Sister of the Groom is a comedy that does lack the laughs, heart or romance it is desperately trying to be.

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