The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 4 – Hunger

The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 4 – Hunger

Story: Hunger sees Reza leave Chad, moving in Sudan, getting closer to his destination, only entering Sudan, Reza finds himself taken my intelligence agency locked away, waiting to hear about whether they would be free or not. Being back in Sudan shows Reza just how much has changed since he was last here, needing to avoid authorities trying to control him. We do head onto the next stage Ethiopia, another country that has changed for Reza, one where authorities are controlling, only not on the same levels, leaving us to look at the pure beauty of the landscapes in the country.

Thoughts on Hunger

Thoughts – Hunger starts with the conclusion of the cliff hanger from the previous episode, will Reza get out of the trouble he finds himself in and complete his journey, it shows us just how much peril the journey will put him on, how not every threat is going to come from militant groups, it could come from a countries own government. Moving away from the dangers, we get a contrast with the beauty of the open plains of Ethiopia where the danger is going to come from the nature itself. With the series coming to an end, we get a mix at seriously dangerous conditions Reza could find himself in, which do highlight the dangerous criminal activities controlling certain people do. Outside of this, we get to see what is needed to change things in the climate and how certain traditions are maintained to make everyone feel safe in the different countries.

Final Thoughts Hunger is a nice conclusion that might start filled with tension, but shows the near the water links, the safer he finds himself. 4/5

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