The Terror of Hallow’s Eve (2017) Movie Review

Director: Todd Tucker

Writer: Zack Ward (Screenplay) Ronald L Halvas, Todd Tucker (Story)

Starring: Caleb Thomas, Sarah Lancaster, Annie Read, JT Neal, Mcabe Gregg, Niko Papastefanou

Plot: After a fifteen-year-old is brutally beaten up by High School bullies, his wish for revenge unknowingly unleashes the Terror of Halloween.

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Lacks the Punch

Story: The Terror of Hallow’s Eve starts as we meet monster enthusiast Tim (Thomas) who likes to play pranks around the neighbourhood, despite his mother Linda’s (Lancaster) wishes, after Tim accidentally dinks the car of high school bully Brian (Neal), his goons look to pick a fight, beating him up, leading him to make a wish with a pumpkin on Halloween night.

Little does Tim know, he summons the Trickster (Jones) who will bring him a chance to get revenge of the bullies all on one bloody Halloween night.

Thoughts on The Terror of Hallow’s Eve

Characters – Tim has always been interested in designing monsters, it has left has a bit of an outsider, that likes to use pranks to scare the locals, only he attracts the attention of bullies who beat him up. Upset he makes a throw away wish in a pumpkin that summons a monsters that gets the revenge, only he needs to figure out how to stop it when it gets out of control. He will also do anything to impress the crush he has too. Linda is the mother of Tim who has been struggling to keep everything together, needing work extra shifts, while making sure Tim doesn’t get himself into trouble. April is the crush that has always been nice to Tim through the years, but has poor selection in boys. Brian is the leader of the bullies, with his fancy car being the starting point, he will always look down on people no matter who they are, used women and pick on people smaller than him.

PerformancesCaleb Thomas might well have the best look for the role, he is the best of a weak cast, which is more about the weak story giving the actors very little to work, they just don’t get going in their roles, never coming off believable.

StoryThe story here follows a lonely high school student that accidentally summons an evil presence to get revenge on the people holding him back in life. The problem with this story is that the trickster doesn’t just go after the ones Tim wants revenge on and gets out of control, it just leaves you scratching your head about what is going on, is seems like everything happens way to fast, without giving us a chance to digest what happened and the sudden character change from harmless prankster to school loser, seems to sudden. It is just a story that just doesn’t get to live up to what it wants to be.

HorrorThe horror doe shave blood splatter, with a creature in The Trickster, only it just doesn’t feel as scary as possible.

SettingsMost of the film uses two locations, the shop which has the incident and the house where the horrors happen, it is generic and doesn’t use the environment to increase the horror.

Special EffectsThe effects in the film are basic, with Doug Jones looking the creepy character involved being the only strong point in the film.

Scene of the Movie – The Trickster character.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – The Trickster’s actions.

Final Thoughts This is a horror that doesn’t connect on the levels it wants to ending up feeling rushed and not scary at all.

Overall: Dull Horror.

The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 4 – Hunger

The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 4 – Hunger

Story: Hunger sees Reza leave Chad, moving in Sudan, getting closer to his destination, only entering Sudan, Reza finds himself taken my intelligence agency locked away, waiting to hear about whether they would be free or not. Being back in Sudan shows Reza just how much has changed since he was last here, needing to avoid authorities trying to control him. We do head onto the next stage Ethiopia, another country that has changed for Reza, one where authorities are controlling, only not on the same levels, leaving us to look at the pure beauty of the landscapes in the country.

Thoughts on Hunger

Thoughts – Hunger starts with the conclusion of the cliff hanger from the previous episode, will Reza get out of the trouble he finds himself in and complete his journey, it shows us just how much peril the journey will put him on, how not every threat is going to come from militant groups, it could come from a countries own government. Moving away from the dangers, we get a contrast with the beauty of the open plains of Ethiopia where the danger is going to come from the nature itself. With the series coming to an end, we get a mix at seriously dangerous conditions Reza could find himself in, which do highlight the dangerous criminal activities controlling certain people do. Outside of this, we get to see what is needed to change things in the climate and how certain traditions are maintained to make everyone feel safe in the different countries.

Final Thoughts Hunger is a nice conclusion that might start filled with tension, but shows the near the water links, the safer he finds himself. 4/5

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The Blackout: Invasion Earth (2019) Movie Review

Director: Egor Baranov, Nathalia Hencker

Writer: Ilya Kulikov (Screenplay)

Starring: Aleksey Chadov, Pyotr Fyodorov, Svetlana Ivanova, Lukerya Ilyashenko, Kseniya Kutepova

Plot: Life on Earth is rapidly destroyed except for a small area in Eastern Europe.

Runtime: 2 Hours 7 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Blackout: Invasion Earth starts in the near future when a sudden blackout over the major cities occurs, the people die and the communication between the countries is gone. The Russian military is looking to investigate what is happening to their country within the blackout sites, Oleg (Chadov) leads his unit with Yuriy (Fyodorov) and a camera crew Olga (Ivanova) to learn what is happening in the blackout spots, after previous crews when missing, with one soldier having a deeper connection to what happened, with a warning from an unknown figure.

Thoughts on The Blackout: Invasion Earth

Characters – Oleg is one of the soldiers that gets bought in to fight against the unknown enemy, he gets injured but it always going to be fighting for his men and stop the enemy coming to cause a major threat on everyone in the world. Olga is the press member who is recording the footage of the missions, she will get up close and personal looking for the truth, bringing a more human approach to everything going on. Alyona is the medical soldier that Oleg met before the incident and now needs help from during the attack. We do meet the military officers having to make the big decisions along with the visitors as we learn what they want from Earth.

PerformancesThe performances in the film are strong through the film, we get the military characters, the human factors and the mysterious visitors that will each offer up a different position for the actors to bring to life.

StoryThe story here follows a group of soldiers that need to learn the effects of a mysterious alien attack, which will see them facing a new enemy, with a bigger reason for their visit. This story is very big, it will take focus on the unknown, while borrowing from other massive sci-fi movies with the use a visitor that has been bought to bring a bigger reality to the world. The unknown is what makes the story stand out, where the military is doing all they can to survive knowing they are looking to save their loved ones from something that they can’t defend against. We will be get left with a bigger issue by the end of the film, dealing with moral questions about what to do next.

Action/Sci-FiThe action is massive with the military fights along with the massive horde like attacks, which will have the sci-fi invasion elements about them.

SettingsThe film uses a lot of the aftermath of attacks to show the destroyed cities for the action sequences.

Special EffectsThe effects in the film are strong, showing us just how the alien figure will stand out and look different in the world, even giving a shocking reveal.

Scene of the Movie – The rooftop encounter.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – Some of the military unit side of things does seem like filled compared to the bigger picture going on.

Final Thoughts The Blackout: Invasion Earth is an ambitiously big sci-fi that has big action and big moral questions going on throughout.


The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 3 – Boko Haram

The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 3 – Boko Haram

Story: Boko Haram continues into Niger, where he gets to learn the reality of the terrorist group Boko Haram, that murder countless people, with people being forced to join them in Nigeria, the effects of these people have seen the cities living in fear, moving in to Chad, we get to see even more of the problems are in this country, getting to meet survivors who have escaped the terrors.

Thoughts on Boko Haram

Thoughts – Boko Haram shows the shocking reality of the world in the central African countries of Niger, Chad and Nigeria, which will leave Reza the shocking truth about what he could end up experiencing himself, if he puts a foot wrong. This is a transitional episode as Reza says goodbye to his guide so far Henri and looks to prepare for the final steps of his journey. This is the biggest wake up call to the events in Africa, showing us just how dangerous the militant terrorist groups are to not just one country, but many countries in the area. The episode does end in a calmer nature, bring the journey back to the climate change happening with the change being done.

Final Thoughts Boko Haram is the most uneasy episode so far, one that opens more eyes on the problems that goes unseen. 4/5

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