Adam Sandler: Funny Guy (2020) Movie Review

Director: Danielle Winter

Plot: Adam remains a consistent favorite among fans who are comforted that they will always have a good time. Get the inside story on this fascinating actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer, husband, father, and forever FUNNY GUY.

Runtime: 1 Hour

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Adam Sandler: Funny Guy starts as we learn about the early life where he got the support from his family and had a natural ability to get a laugh from his comedy. We learn about his early career, from first television role, to his early roles.

We continue to learn about his career and how Adam dealt with the criticism from the critics, while audiences seem to always get attracted to his films.

Thoughts on Adam Sandler: Funny Guy

Thoughts – Adam Sandler Funny Guy does takes use through the career of the much talked about actor, we go through clips of his film and snippets from his interviews through the years, this is all what you would expect to see in a documentary, what might disappoint more is the fact we don’t get into any stories about the man, everything is achieve footage that you would expect to see on press tours of movies, where the whole cast is going to say he is a nice guy, works hard etc. while I don’t want to just see people bash the man, more personal stories of good or bad would have given this documentary another level, to help the audience that might well be more appealing to see how down to Earth the man is, how he doesn’t care what the critics say, only going with what the fans say. This does mostly feel like a basic view into the life of Adam Sandler’s entertainment career.

Final Thoughts Adam Sandler: Funny Man is a by the books documentary giving us a look at the basics of his career.

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