ABC Film Challenge – Comedy – F – FML (2016)

Director: Jason Nash

Writer: Jason Nash (Screenplay)

Starring: Jason Nash, Brandon Calvillo,


Plot: A pair of Internet stars embark on a cross-country road trip through the United States capturing videos of their misadventures along the way.


Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Unbearable


Story: FML starts when Sam (Nash) a middle-aged man wants to give up the day job and become an internet celebrity, he has a large following, only enough to give up the job yet, working on collaborating with more famous social media star Henry (Calvillo) and the two set out on a road trip around America to meet fellow social media stars, which brings them to  meet the colourful more popular social media stars that just make them grow in their own channels. The race to one million is on can Sam make it happen or not.


Thoughts on FML


Characters – Sam is a middle aged man who has become tired of his 9-5 job, he wants to make money doing something he enjoys, being a social media star, he is getting there, but needs to work with more famous stars, the problem is they are all younger and see him as an old man. He must leave his family to get things to happen. Henry is a teenager on the verge of making the difficult decision of his future, he has his own channel but college is the smarter option, though his family lives of his pay check, this journey is the best option for him to learn about the next stage of his life. We do meet a string of colourful and annoying social media stars, a manager trying to run these stars and the family being left behind.

PerformancesThe performances in this film are mostly Vine stars, which by the time I watched this film, is no longer a thing, they are not trained actors, mostly social media celebrities that are trying their hands at actor, you can tell because too many are not the most interesting to watch never hitting the notes we need them too.

StoryThe story tries to shine a light on the problems with social media as it shows us just how it has turned into a video snippet idea that is all about clickbait popularity that focuses on people doing stupid things. This does throw the spotlight on the pointless celebrity status people have gained through social media, from just doing stupid prank videos, while showing and failing in the most part on showing what it really was about, meeting and interacting with people you could never do that with in real-life about similar passions. This film has a wonderful message, though it fails to send it, it is frustrating to see.

ComedyThe comedy misses too often with it mostly coming around being stupid on camera.

SettingsThe film takes us around America to the highlighted areas where you would imagine these social media celebrities being around.

Scene of the Movie –
The speech.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Most of the social media stars.

Final ThoughtsThis is an unbearable comedy that gets the message wrong with poor acting from start to finish.


Overall: Should have gone to YouTube.




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