A Christmas Gift from Bob release in UK cinemas and on PVOD on 6th November 2020.

Directed by Charles Martin Smith

Written and Executive Produced by Garry Jenkins

Produced by Adam Rolston, Tracy Jarvis, Steve Jarvis, Andrew Boswell and Sunny Vohra

Starring Luke Treadaway, Bob the Cat, Kristina Tonteri-Young, Phaldut Sharma

Based on the international best-selling books and the ‘purrfect’ Christmas sequel to the international hit film A STREET CAT NAMED BOB – follow James and his best friend, Bob on their new journey together.

From the day James Bowen rescued a street cat abandoned in the hallway of his sheltered accommodation, they began a friendship which has transformed both their lives and touched millions around the world. 

In A CHRISTMAS GIFT FROM BOB, James looks back at the last Christmas he and Bob spent scraping a living on the streets and how Bob helped him through one of his toughest times – providing strength, friendship and inspiration. Ultimately teaching each other about the true meaning of Christmas spirit along the way.

The film introduces singer/songwriter, K.T. Wild, whose songs tell stories of emerging out of a dark place into sunshine and hope. Three songs inspired by & written for the movie will appear in the film performed by lead actor Luke Treadaway, a fourth – performed by K.T. himself – will be the film’s end credit.

“We truly believe this is the perfect film to kick start the Christmas season. At its core, the film is a story of friendship and support, two themes that are particularly prevalent during the festive season. And this year, we could all use a heartwarming story to get us in the festive spirit.” Nicola Pearcey, President UK & Europe, Lionsgate

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