ABC Film Challenge – Horror – A – Another WolfCop (2017)

Director: Lowell Dean

Writer: Lowell Dean (Screenplay)

Starring: Leo Fafard, Yannick Bisson, Amy Matysio, Jonathan Cherry, Serena Miller, Devery Jacobs


Plot: Alcoholic werewolf cop Lou Garou springs into action when an eccentric businessman with evil intentions seduces Woodhaven’s residents with a new brewery and hockey team in this outrageous horror-comedy sequel.

Tagline – The hairy arm of the law.

Runtime: 1 Hour 22 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Complete Bonkers


Story: Another WolfCop starts as we return to Woodhaven as business man Sydney Swallows (Bisson) looks to bring the brewery back into business with his brand of beer ‘Chicken Milk’, he has other plans though. Meanwhile Tina (Matysio) is trying to control alcoholic cop Lou Garou (Fafard) who on a full moon turns into WolfCop and when returning from the grave Willie Higgins (Cherry) learns he has an extra part.

With Swallows plan in full effect, it is up to Lou and Tina to work together to stop his plan which will see the town come under even more hard times.


Thoughts on Another WolfCop


Characters – Lou Garou is the WolfCop, he is still being the cop when the moon isn’t full, though he does have a drinking problem and while in wolf form, he does like to fight the crime with his strengths. Swallows in the new businessman in town, he plans to help bring the town back to the top with the re-opening of the brewery. He has his own plan for the town which comes from what is inside his Chicken Milk beer. Tina is the chief of police that must keep the rookies under control, while keep Lou under control, it isn’t long before she must lead the take down on Swallows. Willie has returned from the dead, only now he has an extra body part that talks to him, he will be the first to have one, which will bring him into the fight against Swallows.

PerformancesThe performances from the actors shows the understanding of the wildly over the top nature of the film, which is important, Leo Fafard gets to enjoy the WolfCop style, while Amy Matysio is great as the leading cop authority figure, Yannick Bisson as the main villain works wonders because we get somebody over the top.

StoryThe story must be watched with the love and respect of the 80’s horror, the story sees a new evil business man that wants to take over the town that has a werewolf cop. This is the core of the story, the story feels full on 80s cheese and is filled with complete bonkers material which has to be take with a pinch of salt. While the story doesn’t reinvent anything new it does feel like an easy watch with clear lines between good and evil.

Comedy/Horror The comedy in the film comes from the complete over the top style being used through the film, it works for extra laughs even if certain moments could be considered offensive. The horror while not scary does include moments that are uncomfortable which include the final dealings with what the villain wants to do.

SettingsThe film is set in a small town which explains why it was easy for a businessman to take advantage of the community and how the WolfCop legend has turns into merchandise.

Special EffectsThe effects for the film are good, we get practical ones that show the full effects of certain moments in the film which will shock which is what we like to see.

Scene of the Movie –

That Moment That Annoyed Me I feel you do need to have seen the first one.

Final ThoughtsThis is another bonkers horror comedy that you can sit through and smile if you watch with the right frame of mind.


Overall: 80s Fans please watch.




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