#Alive (2020) Netflix Movie Review

Director: Il Cho

Writer: Il Cho, Matt Naylor (Screenplay)

Starring: Ah-In Yoo, Shin-Hye Park, Hyun-Wook Lee, Bae-soo Jeon, Hye-Won Oh

Plot: The rapid spread of an unknown infection has left an entire city in ungovernable chaos, but one survivor remains alive in isolation. It is his story.

Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: #Alive starts when a gamer Oh Joon-woo (Yoo) wakes up to learn that a new infection has spread across the city causing the residents to turn in ravenous creatures, trapped in his apartment, he only watches the world come crashing down around him, with the days flying by, until he learns that Kim Yoo-bin (Park) is across the street from him, giving him a new friend in the dangerous time.

Oh Joon-woo must figure out a way to survive in a world that continues to become dangerous, with the infected remembering things from their own life.

Thoughts on #Alive

Characters – Oh Joon-woo is a slacker gamer that spends most of his days with his followers playing games, he struggles with the basics on living, but in this new world he finds himself needing to learn to survive alone on this world filled with zombies. He does follow the traditional idea of the slacker who discovers themselves in the world of zombies, becoming stronger, smarter, and braver through the film. Kim Yoo-Bin is the mysterious woman across the street from Oh Joon-woo, she is more prepared for what is happening, trying to teach Oh Joon-woo how to survive in this situation.

PerformancesAh-In Yoo and Shin-Hye Park are both great to watch, they bring the serious nature of what is happening, along with moments of comedy, which lighten the mood through the film.

StoryThe story here follows a slacker gamer who wakes up to find a zombie outbreak happen, leaving him trapped in his apartment, finding a survivor across the street, as they look for their own way to survive this world. This story does seem to borrow a lot from ‘The Night Eats the World’ by putting us in an apartment while outside there is the zombie outbreak happening. We even get the standard character evolution as we see how Oh Joon-woo learns to adapt, while the threats becoming bigger as the time rolls on.

Action/HorrorThe action in the film sees the different zombie attacks, be it the early onslaught, or the different situations the survivors find themselves in, using what they can find to survive. The horror in the film comes from seeing what the zombies do to their victims.

SettingsMost of the film is set within the apartment of Oh Joon-woo or Kim Yoo-bin, which shows us just how trapped they are in a world that has fallen apart.

Special EffectsThe effects in the film are strong, showing the position the actors playing the zombies can make themselves go, for added terror.

Scene of the Movie – The police office terror.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – While entertaining, it doesn’t create something new.

Final Thoughts This is an entertaining zombie movie that gets plenty from the action, while not breaking a tried and tested formula.

The Tomb: Devil’s Revenge (2019) Movie Review

Director: Jared Cohn

Writer: Maurice Hurley (Screenplay)

Starring: William Shatner, Jeri Ryan, Jason Brooks, Robert Scott Wilson, Ciara Hanna, Phillip Andre Botello

Plot: A down-on-his-luck archaeologist returns from a cave expedition that contains a cursed relic that’s also a portal to Hell. He discovers that the only way to stop the curse on his family is to go back to the cave and destroy the relic.

Tagline – Welcome to hell

Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Tomb: Devil’s Revenge starts when Jack (Brooks) leads a team into a cave in search for a relic, one that has led to him putting everything on the line for, even with his wife Susan (Ryan) begging him not to pursue this search.

When Jack suffers a heart attack, he sees perfectly healthy afterwards, which leads him, Susan and their kids to look to stop a curse he has unwittingly released on the world, one that also consumed his father Hayes (Shatner).

Thoughts on The Tomb: Devil’s Revenge

Characters – Jack is the explorer that followed in his father’s footsteps, he has become obsessed with one piece of treasure a relic of the sun people, which he discovers, only to find a evil force behind it, one that continue to haunt him once he leaves, one he needs to stop before more people are killed by the spirits he has unleashed. Susan is the wife od Jack’s she wants him to give up the pursuit of this relic, but once he thinks he needs to end everything, she brings the family together to complete the task together. Hayes is Jack’s father who has always been searching for treasures, with him being the main reason why Jack has followed the same pursuit all these years. Eric and Dana are the college aged kids that join the quest into the cave, being part of the family bonding session.

PerformancesJason Brooks in the leading role does well through the film, his nightmares are clear, as he shows the struggle between knowing what is real or not. Jeri Ryan as the supportive and concerned wife works well having more star power than Brooks, but the draw would be William Shatner, who does keep his role calmer than we would expect.

StoryThe story here follows an archaeologist who has spent most of his life searching for a relic, which when he discovers, sees a series of horrific events, which will see him needing to work with his family to stop an evil coming into the world. This is a story which will dive into the idea of ancient evil still being around and show how people will become obsessed with learning the truth about history, even if it costs them more than they are willing to pay, the whole hunting and exploring idea does work very well through the film, only it does seem to be let down heavily by the conclusion of the story. The evil themselves do have some great weapons which would strike fear into people, only using the family in the search, does lose some parts of the peril of the journey.

HorrorThe horror in the film comes from the devil and his worshippers who appear in large numbers and have a big kill count through the film, they might look and act scary, but the fights themselves are not as strong as they should be.

SettingsThe settings in the film are strange because the cave looks like something people might have discovered before, it does seem strange how easy it seemed to access, not being as secretive as it could be.

Special EffectsThe effects are a mixed bag because we get to see the evil which do have a terrifying look, only the injuries rely on the CGI moments.

Scene of the Movie – The evil’s weapons.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – The ending.

Final Thoughts This is a solid enough treasure exploring film looking into American history, only it doesn’t seem to hit as hard on the scares, atmosphere or the evil kills.

ABC Film Challenge – 80s Movie – M – The Money Pit (1986)

Director: Richard Benjamin

Writer: David Giler (Screenplay)

Starring: Tom Hanks, Shelley Long, Alexander Godunov, Maureen Stapleton, Joe Mantegna, Philip Bosco, Josh Mostel


Plot: A young couple struggles to repair a hopelessly dilapidated house.

Tagline – For everyone who’s ever been deeply in Love or deeply in debt.

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Nice Little Comedy


Story: The Money Pit starts Walter (Hanks) and Anna (Long) lose their apartment in New York City, they must scramble around looking for somewhere to stay and they come across a million-dollar house for a fifth of the price, they simply must jump at the chance.

They move into the house only to learn about the numerous problems the house has and must work on fixing it using up the remaining funds they have.


Thoughts on The Money Pit


Characters – Walter Fielding has been living in his father’s debt for years and he wants to settle down in a house over an apartment with his girlfriend. When the house becomes a dream, he jumps at the chance only to learn he is now living a nightmare. Anna Crowley is the girlfriend of Walter that has been living in her ex-husband’s apartment, she loves Walter but isn’t ready to get married, she supports Walter in his dream house and doesn’t care about the money troubles they will be facing. Max Beissart is the ex-husband that is an arrogant composer that believes he is the best, he does want Anna back and will try anything to do so.

PerformancesTom Hanks was in the middle of his comedy run here and it shows because he is great with his comic timing, something we don’t see enough in his newer films. Shelley Long works very well as the girlfriend which showed how her fame had risen with Cheers behind her. The rest of the film has good performances with the cast knowing where they can hit it off with comedy.

StoryThe story here follows a couple that must move out of their apartment and the only place they can afford in a massive house outside of the city. The house looks like a dream home, but soon turns into a nightmare and a money pit, needing repairs in every single part of the home. This is the basics of the story, we do have a small subplot surrounding Anna and her ex-husband who is trying to win her back, otherwise this is just about how the house is destroying the life and relationship of the couple.

ComedyThe comedy comes from all the events the couple must go through with making the house work, the best parts come from all the mishaps they have which does play more towards the slapstick.

SettingsThe film spends most of the in the new house, this is where the best moments happen, the comedy, when we are away from the house we get to go through the normal New York locations.

Scene of the Movie –
Bath Tub.

That Moment That Annoyed Me The subplot gets in the way of the comedy.

Final ThoughtsThis is one of the comedies that showed us all just how capable Tom Hanks was going to be. The comedy hits well and even though we have a small subplot that takes away from the film.


Overall: Good comedy that still stands the test of time.