Electric Love (2018) Movie Review

Director: Aaron Fradkin

Writer: Aaron Fradkin, Victoria Fratz (Screenplay)

Starring: Mia Serafino, Zachary Mooren, Erik Friffin, Kyle Howard, Hayler Marie Norman, Matt Bush

Plot: Four couples traverse the modern dating scene in Los Angeles utilizing popular dating apps.

Tagline – Love at first Swipe.

Runtime: 1 Hour 21 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Modern Love Life is Hard

Story: Electric Love starts as we see the first dates from internet apps, Emma (Serafino), Adam (Mooren) who are both struggling with internet dating, finding only the wrong type of people, one needs to learn to grow up, while the other could be open to more.

When the two eventually find themselves on Tinder, and they eventually end up going on a date, while the people in their lives are having their own relationship problems.

Thoughts on Electric Love

Final Thoughts This is a story that tries to put the spotlight on modern dating, with how difficult it is to find somebody on the different apps out there, or at least finding someone who is like the person you believe you are meeting, add in the problems that comes from not knowing everyone in someone news life. We get to go through the emotions of how amazing the first dates can feel, the first interactions can be exciting, but also showing just how disastrous they can go. When it comes to digging into the characters, we don’t seem to dig into who they are outside of the dating world. This could have opened more doors to the pain of the dating in the modern world, how social media has continued to make things more complicated in life. The performances are solid enough, without needing to become amazing to stand outside the box.

Overall: Online Dating 101.

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