The Last Movie Star (2017) Movie Review

Director: Adam Rifkin

Writer: Adam Rifkin (Screenplay)

Starring: Burt Reynolds, Chevy Chase, Ariel Winter, Clark Duke, Ellar Coltrane

Plot: An aging former movie star is forced to face the reality that his glory days are behind him. On its surface, the film is a tale about faded fame. At its core, it’s a universal story about growing old.

Tagline – The Best Is Yet To Come

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Touching Drama

Story: The Last Movie Star starts as an aging movie star Vic Edwards (Reynolds) gets offer a chance to be honoured at a film festival, which sees him being talked by his best friend Sonny (Chase) to travel to Nashville for the festival.

When Vic arrives in Nashville, he finds his driver is Lil (Winter) a young woman with her own troubles who is being the driver for her brother Doug (Duke) who is running the festival, only it isn’t the big festival he thought and he ends up using his time to go down memory lane.

Thoughts on The Last Movie Star

Characters – Vic Edwards has had a long career in Hollywood, he has however found himself growing old alone, knowing he doesn’t have much time left and agrees to attend a film festival, only to find it being a small self-funded one by fans, he ends up using the trip to go down memory lane and teach Lil the bigger part of life that she is wasting. Lil is the assistant to Vic for the weekend, she has her own problems, struggling everyday, fighting back against the world. She ends up learning more from Vic that she could imagine, to help her prepare for her life for the first time. Doug, Shane and Stuart are massive fans of Vic who have arranged the festival in his memory to give him a lifetime achievement award.

PerformancesBurt Reynolds is fantastic in the leading role, truly showing what it would be to look back on your life and see the best and worst from his past. Ariel Winter is wonderful too, showing how life can bring even the youngest members of society down, with the two showing a strong bond.

StoryThe story here follows an aging movie star that attends a film festival in his honour, only to use the time to look back on his life, the ups and downs, where he teaches a young woman about the mistakes she could be making and showing her just what life is all about. The story here shows us what is would be like to look back at life at any age, it shows us just how difficult it could be when you live in a life of regret and that you could find the right path in the most unlikely places. We also get to see what it would be like to be a celebrity that would take too much for granted, needing to learn to become more humble to their fans. We have a lot of heart in this film and it will show us that things can always get better.

SettingsThe film uses the settings to show the memory lane Vic goes on, it shows us just how much everything will mean to him, however small things might be.

Scene of the Movie – The festival speech.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – We could have seen more about what the festival means to the fans.

Final Thoughts This is a touching drama about being grateful for everything you have achieved in life, no matter how big you become and shows what is will be like to meet the fans.

Overall: Wonderful drama.

ABC Film Challenge – Romance – Z – Venus (2017) Movie Review

We are under Z because of star Zena Darawalla.

Director: Eisha Marjara

Writer: Eisha Marjara (Screenplay)

Starring: Debargo Sanyal, Jamie Mayers, Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Zena Darawalla, Gordon Warnecke, Amber Goldfarb

Plot: A dramatic comedy about a transitioning woman who discovers that she’s the father of a 14 year old boy.

Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Interesting Life Drama

Story: Venus starts as we meet Sid (Sanyal) a man that has been going for the transitional process to become a woman, almost reaching the final stages, when she learns that she has a son Ralph (Mayers) who has been searching for his father for years.

As Ralph continues to become distant from his own mother, he is starting to get closer and even accepting to Sid, unlike a lot of people in and around Sid’s own life, the parental figure is starting to get strong between the two, even though they never knew about each other.

Thoughts on Venus

Characters – Sid was born a man and is going through the transitional stage to become a woman, this goes against everything his Indian parent’s want to, well more his mother than his father, he gets funny looks in work and life, only to discover he fathered a child when at high school. She is in a relationship where she doesn’t get to show their love in public, where she is the one that is being hidden from the world. She is trying to break down his parents and with the son, she will get more acceptance from her mother. Ralph is the high school student who comes to Sid about being his son, he gets to hand out with Sid where he accepts his life choice and in return gets treated with more respect than his mother. Daniel is the partner of Sid, he is less willing to come out publicly which has always been the problem in their relationship, no matter how close they are with each other. Mamaji and Papaji are the parents that aren’t as supportive as they could be, they are very family orientated, which is why they can show signs of displeasure only to learn to love their child no matter what the choice in life will be.

PerformancesDebargo Sanyal in the leading role is great showing the difficult life anyone going through a transition would have different problems in life. Jamie Mayers is strong too, being the teen who has his own problems in life, while the rest of the supporting cast are solid enough without doing too much else.

StoryThe story here follows Sid who is going through the transition from a man to a woman only to discover they fathered a child while in high school, dealing with yet another problem in life, not only being a parent, but trying to get acceptance from their own family. The story does put the spotlight on the difficulties that anyone going through the transition would be facing in everyday life, how family will want to accept, but not always knowing how to embrace their choice. It also shows how learning to become a parent could be difficult too, with the pure shock of learning and not knowing how to be one. Dealing with the most difficult moments in life is the most important part of the film and they get the right time to shine.

Comedy/RomanceThe comedy is more to do with reactions to certain moments, not looking for laughs like it could have, while the romance shows us what love could have been, what love was and how you need to show it.

SettingsThe film doesn’t go big with the settings, showing us the home environments for the three different families.

Scene of the Movie – Sid taking control.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – We don’t get enough about what happened in the past between Sid and the mother.

Final Thoughts This is an important look at how difficult life can be for anybody going through a transition, it shows how normal in life they are and the world can make things more difficult.

Overall: Important.