Hamilton (2020) Movie Review

Director: Thomas Kail

Writer: Lin-Manuel Miranda (Screenplay)

Starring: Daveed Diggs, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Jonathan Groff, Chris Jackson, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Lin-Manuel Miranda

Plot: The real life of one of America’s foremost founding fathers and first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. Captured live on Broadway from the Richard Rodgers Theater with the original Broadway cast.

Runtime: 2 Hours 40 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Beautiful

Story: Hamilton starts as Alexander Hamilton (Miranda) arrives in the middle of the Revolutionary War, where he finds himself as the righthand man to George Washington (Jackson), as they look to gain their freedom from King George (Groff). Alexander is a fighter and finds it hard to step away from the conflict, despite his marriage to Eliza (Soo) and his growing family wanting him to leave the conflict behind.

After the war Alexander is assigned to join George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (Diggs) to try and find a solution to rebuild the country, which only brings more clashes between the men.

Thoughts on Hamilton

Final Thoughts This is a stage version of the largely popular musical Hamilton, one that brings a new look at home the independence of America happened, be it from escaping England’s hold and tries to build themselves are their own country, without the leadership in place. You will need to know the basics of American history before going in, even if this does bring spins to certain parts. When it comes to the music involved, we do get some brilliant songs, that do help cover the weaker songs involved, with the whole cast getting their moment to shine in the musical moments. This is one of the musical that does bring a full range of music, which does have the traditional styles, mixed with the modern music that makes you unsure on what each song will bring you. The opening song isn’t as hooking as many musicals, but once you are past that one, you could find yourself swept away in the play.

Overall: Magical Musical.

Masters of Love (2019) Movie Review

Director: Matt Roberts

Writer: Matt Roberts (Screenplay)

Starring: Ciaran Dowd, Bekka Bowling, Eleanor Fanyinka, Rose Johnson, Sarah Ovens, Camille Ucan, William Vasey

Plot: A group of friends are at different stages in their relationships, and none of them are convinced about what they’re doing: Emmy and Samantha are due to get married; Josh and Jenifer are breaking up; and Niall is sleeping around. Their entwining stories give a candid look at finding love in the age of internet dating.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: More Proof Love is Hard

Story: Masters of Love starts as we meet our couples, we have Emmy (Ovens) and Samantha (Fanyinka) who are preparing to get married, while Josh (Roberts) and Jenifer (Watts) are just breaking up, seeing Josh needing to start his life over, without the love of his life, with Niall (Dowd) sleeping around using his comedy routine to meet women.

As we continue through the lives of these people, we get to see how Emmy and Samantha are finding their relationship strained, while Josh is trying to find his place in the modern dating world.

Thoughts on Masters of Love

Characters – Emmy is about to marry her girlfriend, only the latest steps are starting to see the problems with the smaller details, she is also trying to help her brother get back on his feet, while facing the cold feet of commitment, Samantha is Emmy’s partner, she is more organised and has been planning more of the wedding, trying to put everything together, she does want happiness with Emmy, but doesn’t know if she can wait. Josh is the brother of Emmy’s he breaks up with his girlfriend, while being too carried away with his social media presence. Niall is a standout comedian that has always been just hooking up for one night stands, he has never shown an interesting in commitment. We see how each other these characters are dealing with the difficulties of relationships.

PerformancesThe performances in this film do feel authentic, with how everyone is dealing with the problems they are facing in love, showing the joys well and sadness that is filled with pain.

StoryThe story here follows a group of Londoners who are in different stages of their love lives, we see how they deal with the bigger problems that come their way and how they look to overcome. This does put the big spotlight on just how difficult love can be going forward, even if you are with the most important person in your life, we see how mistakes can be made, uncertainty can cause more problems, but if the love is strong, you will find a way to get through anything.

Comedy/RomanceThe comedy does come from the awkward situations the characters put themselves in with Josh getting the most laughs, while the romance does show us just how difficult love can be.

SettingsThe film shows us with the settings how everyday couple could meet, interact and go about their routines.

Scene of the Movie – Josh’s recordings.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – The stand-up doesn’t seem to be as funny as it should be.

Final Thoughts This is a nice look at how difficult love can be in the modern world, it shows us just how difficult finding and keeping it will be at times.

Overall: Modern Love 101.

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ABC Film Challenge – Romance – H – High Fidelity (2000)

Director: Stephen Frears

Writer: D.V. DeVincentis, Steve Pink, John Cusack, Scott Rosenberg (Screenplay) Nick Hornby (Book)

Starring: John Cusack, Lisa Bonet, Joelle Carter, Joan Cusack, Sara Gilbert, Jack Black, Tim Robbins, Lili Taylor, Iben Hjejle, Todd Louiso


Plot: Rob, a record store owner and compulsive list maker, recounts his top five breakups, including the one in progress.

Tagline – A comedy about fear of commitment, hating your job, falling in love and other pop favorites.

Runtime: 1 Hour 53 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Story of Finding Love 101


Story: High Fidelity starts as Rob Gordon (Cusack) is breaking up with his girlfriend Laura (Hjejle) pushing him into going through his top five break ups and former girlfriends, from high school, college and adult life. Rob owns a small record shop with two employees Dick (Louiso) and Barry (Black) who are always in competition for the music to be played in the story.

Dick & Barry try to help Rob get over his break up by taking him to a local bar to see musician Marie De Salle (Bonet) who has her own unique sound, one that Rob hasn’t heard before. Rob must put his life in order to understand what he is searching for in love.


Thoughts on High Fidelity


Characters – Rob Gordon is a record store owner who makes top five lists on every possible subject in the music field, he is going through a break up which sees his latest list being his top five break ups, he is looking back at his past relationships to figure out what went wrong and deciding whether to move on with a new love interest. Laura is the latest woman that Rob has broken up with, she is trying to move on, but Rob still sees something with. Dick an Barry are the two employees at the record store, they have different tastes in music which sees them clash at times about what is being played in the store, they also provide friendship for Rob. Marie is one of the woman Rob tries to move on with a musician with new sound. We sees five other women that Rob has been with though his life, ones that have seen things go wrong for him.

PerformancesJohn Cusack in the leading role does bring us a character that is emotional difficult in relationships which works for the film, he has moments of charm and shows his angry mind side too. Todd Louiso and Jack Black both make for most of the comedy in the supporting roles, while Iben Hjejle leads the long list of actresses in the film who are all pick to play the right versions of what we could see them being.

StoryThe story follows one man that has just been through a break up and like a lot of people in break ups looks back at previous relationships to see what keeps going wrong in his life. This story is told straight to the camera, which at times gets annoying, but the idea of looking back at previous relationships does feel like something people do, wanting to know where people are in life too, if they could still miss you, if there is still something between the two. The problems in this film comes from this painting Rob as somebody is can’t find love, but he clearly can, he is just not very good a keeping the relationship together.

Comedy/Music/RomanceThe comedy in the film comes from seeing how Jack Black seems to react to everything. the music in the film shows us just how the record story and music means so much to Rob, while the romance shows us just how love isn’t always the easiest thing to understand.

SettingsThe film is set in Chicago which shows the busy nature of the people, while the record store shows us just it can bring the right minds together.

Scene of the Movie –
Barry’s performance.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Being spoken to through the whole film.

Final ThoughtsThis is a romance film with a difference, it shows how difficult love can be and just what it means to the people who are going through break ups.


Overall: Simple Alternative Romance Film