Signature Cinema & Home Releases for July

Signature Entertainment presents Dreambuilders in Cinemas nationwide July 4th


Synopsis: Inside Out  meets Monsters Inc. DREAMBUILDERS is a Pixar-esque movie full of heart and magic as we follow a young girl who can control dreams. From the animation team behind Big Hero 6 and Sherlock Holmes, this beautiful and mesmerising animation explores  the world behind dreams in which the dreambuilders create our imaginations on stage. A story full of heart and magic that the whole family will love.

The Fairy Princess & The Unicorn

Signature Entertainment presents Inheritance on Digital HD July 6th & DVD 13th July

Signature Entertainment presents Burden on DVD & Digital HD from July 6th

Signature Entertainment presents Snow Queen: Mirrorlands in Cinemas nationwide July 10th

Synopsis: Discover the dazzling story that inspired Frozen! In this magical fairy-tale a powerful king finds a way to withdraw all the magic from the world – they who master magic powers are banished to the Mirrorlands. The only one who can stop him is Gerda who, along with the Snow Queen herself, embarks on a fun-filled, frosty adventure to defeat the king and bring back warmth and magic to the hearts of people everywhere.

Signature Entertainment presents Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot on DVD & Digital HD from July 13th

Signature Entertainment presents Masters of Love on Digital HD from July 13th

Synopsis: Love is easy, relationships aren’t! Masters of Love is a funny and moving home grown look at the complications of modern love and friendship. A group of friends are at different stages in their relationships, and none of them are convinced about what they’re doing: Emmy (Sarah Ovens) and Samantha (Eleanor Fanyinka) are due to get married; Josh (Owen Roberts) and Jenifer (Lizzy Watts) are breaking up; and Niall (Ciaran Dowd) is sleeping around. A charming romantic comedy made with wit by writer director Matt Roberts.

FrightFest Presents presents Open 24 Hours on Digital HD from July 20th

Signature Entertainment presents American Fighter on Digital HD from July 20th

Synopsis: American Fighter follows desperate teenager Ali Jahani who escapes Iran after the hostage crisis and fights his way through the dangerous world of underground fighting to win money to save his ailing mother. He finds out what he’s made of in the face of these violent hungry competitors.

Signature Entertainment presents A Rainy Day in New York Blu-ray, DVD & on Digital HD from 27th July

Synopsis: Woody Allen’s romantic comedy A RAINY DAY IN NEW YORK tells the story of college sweethearts, Gatsby (Timothée Chalamet) and Ashleigh (Elle Fanning), whose plans for a romantic weekend together in New York City are dashed as quickly as the sunlight turns into showers. The two are soon parted, and each has a series of chance meetings and comical adventures while on their own.

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