Audio Guide (2020) Short Film Review

Director: Chris Elena

Writer: Lee Zachariah (Screenplay)

Starring: Emma Wright, Nyx Calder

Plot: A young woman is told the secrets of the world through an art gallery issued audio guide.

Runtime: 14 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Thought Provoking

Story: Audio Guide starts as Audrey Walker (Wright) is attending an art gallery, along with an audio guide that gives the information on each piece of art, only to learn the guide has the ability to tell people’s life stories, leaving her to want to know more about people and even question the bigger questions in life.

Thoughts on Audio Guide

Final Thoughts Audio Guide brings us one of the most thought provoking films you will see, if you could learn somebody’s life story of somebody, the truth about history and even willing to learn your own future. When it comes to short films, the biggest question, is always going to be, could this become a full-feature, the answer here would be yes, easily and become one of the more fascinating movies of the year. The movie does do something clever, by having everything, but the audio being in silent in how Audrey goes about her day, letting actress Emma Wright use her reaction visualize her feelings to each story she learns. Audio Guide is one of the best ideas in a movie you will see this year, one that offers a deeper discussion about life.

Overall: Must Watch Short Film.

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